10 Must do things for small businesses in 2016

10 Must do things for small businesses in 2016

10 Must do things for small businesses

This you must do as soon as you start your small business, things that can make you, or break you. So what are the 10 must do things for small businesses?
10 Must do things for small businesses

1. Have a website

It’s 2016 and if you don’t have a website, well tough luck you might just as well wish for all the luck in this world. Even if you are an owner of the small bakery on a dead end street, you should still have a website. Simple reason is that people will generate more people, it’s kind of like a word of mouth in 2016. Put this with social media and you’ve got a free power tool to make you more money, yes even if you are at the end of dead end street. You can pick between ecommerce, showcase, profile, blog, business page, artists profile or any other website that will promote you. If you have some time on your hands you can even make a free one.

2. Business Plan

Most of the owners will think of a business plan as a tool for banks (getting the loan) which is just not true. This plan can tell you what you can expect from your competitors, what to do in your first days, how to strategize and lay out the clear plan for future success.  You can make business plan yourself or have someone do it for you, either way it will be the smartest money or timely investment you can make in the beginning.

3. Marketing Plan

Same as the business plan, this will tell you more about your future and what you can do in order to get yourself known. What does it take for you to expand and get more leads (customers, consumers)? How much time do you have for marketing, and how do you plan on promoting your brand. Flyers, mailers, post cards, emails, cold calling, txt messages, social media postings, groups, all valid marketing tools that require your time each day.

4. Local Promotion

Neighborhood is a great place to start your promotion, it’s easy, costs little and you can do it all yourself. Hand out the flyers, make something special for community, get people to know you and interact with them. This will bring business your way easily.

5. Email collection

Think of the post man bringing tons of mail back in the day (they still do) and going through all the papers. Would you say this is a great way to promote? Not anymore, it just doesn’t work as well as it did 10-100 years ago. The reason is that people prefer other means of communication, and you should as well. Collecting emails is amongst the strongest marketing tools available, so make sure you collect all the emails you possibly can. Integrate your business with a MailChimp or any other such cloud based software, and send out the newsletters at least once a month.  If you want to know how to create a successful email campaign see our blog so that you understand how to utilize this tool.

6. Outsourcing

You’ve probably heard a lot of positive and negative things about outsourcing. You can associate it with low cost services, efficient way to increase your sales and as job loss for the locals. All of this is true, but what if you are just starting out and can’t afford to pay someone full time and need someone to do cold calling? Why pay someone $20 per hour when you can find the same solution online for $10 per hour? More sales means more local jobs, so either way when you are generating enough profits you will need more people to work with you.

7. Social Media

Same as for the websites, it’s 2016 and you should have at least one social media profile (no matter how old you are) and more for business if you can. The reason is simple, people spend their time on it, so should you. Send emails, ask friends to share, like your pages, and you will spread both local and nation wide awareness of your business. You can expend this by showcasing your products or services

8. Engagement

To make everything work you need to engage and take at least an hour of your day for all of this to work. Engagement doesn’t have to be on the Internet only, you can engage yourself with people, ask them to spread the word, give them discounts if they do so, and many more tips to get your business promoted.

9. Promotions

There is a reason why you’ll always go inside of the store when you see SALE, 50% OFF and such. The reason is simple, it will save you money. So why not do the promotion of your services or products. Opening first month 10% off or more if you can afford it.

10. Marketing budget

Each month set aside a marketing budget, increase it with the profit increase. There is a reason why top 10 companies spend more then half of their profits on the marketing, and although you might not think that a company like Nike would go under if they stopped their marketing (being well known for years), they would. It’s not about getting yourself on top, it’s also staying there.

SEO, marketing, cold calling, guerrilla marketing, flyers, mailers,emails and any other promotion that you can think of can be done once you start generating more profits, so start doing things yourself, get on the social media, engage people, spread the word, send emails and most importantly keep on doing this day in and out.

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For us these are the 10 must do things for small businesses in 2016, you may disagree, have something to add, or do something differently, so make sure to post comment as we would love to hear your opinion.


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