Your Personal Workforce – beginnings

I’ve started this project with a small mission in mind, to do few projects and to have a steady job. Now we all know that nothing works out as we planned, in my case it’s for the better, since I really like what I do, and I feel like I am doing something great. Helping companies finish up their projects, cold calling, marketing campaign, starting new projects, finding right people for the jobs, evaluating them, in overall I do everything that needs to be done. Keeping us organized is my priority, as we strive for the perfection.

Since 2012 we have never had a complaint, and I hope we never do.  The best projects are the long term ones, even employment is an option, since some of us, including myself, are American citizens. We speak multiple languages, work with the whole world, and do the jobs that are required of us to do, even if we have to attend webinars, courses and training.

This feels like a job where you really do something, sometime it can get frustrating, but overall mood is great. People that love to work are working together, there is no pressure on them, as they know what needs to be done and what kind of quality we need to keep on showing to our customers. We are not just another outsourcing companies, we try to create more money for the companies in the US and Canada and in turn get more hours, while companies there expand and hire more people.

This is not work from home, this is work from the office where I overlook every single project. I have to make sure that the timeliness are met, that we keep the quality over quantity, and that each person who is providing us with a job is satisfied. It’s not an easy job, but I get it done. Sometimes the hours are long, nights are sleepless, but everything gets done.

I’ve started this for little people I love more than anything



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