Air Freight Serbia

Air Freight Serbia

Air Freight Belgrade

Your Personal Workforce offers quality and cost effective freight forwarding solutions for all your air cargo needs in and out of Serbia.

Experienced global forwarding staff that you can rely on. We serve as your partner in Belgrade and Nis, which are the only two airports for air cargo in Serbia.

Based in Belgrade we would provide you with a whole business solution and be your dedicated partner that meets any of your logistic needs.


We offer extensive range of services:

Picking up goods anywhere in Serbia

Fast delivery in Belgrade area

Delivery anywhere in Serbia

Custom clearance of the goods


Special and DGR cargo

Any other specific cargo


Why us?

We offer a complete domestic services anywhere in Serbia.

As professional we strive for success therefore we always keep your cargo as our priority. Making sure that it arrives on time, that a custom clearance is done in a timely manner, goods are delivered to their destination , and that you are notified and updated accordingly. We make the whole process simple and fast for you and that’s why we are a trustworthy air cargo partner in Serbia.

How it Works?

We recognize that fast shipment as more expensive solution needs to be done in a professional manner, and we work accordingly. By finding the right freight broker, custom clearance company, fast delivery and air freight service, we make sure that your cargo is tended to from start to finish. There is no need for you to get ripped off just because you are a foreigner, and the best part of the process is that we don’t charge you anything for our services. Dedicated single point of contact that stays with you throughout the process and makes sure you get the quality service you deserve.

How much does it cost?

Nothing.  We take our commission from forwarder companies in Serbia,and with that in mind you should know that we are on your side and will work for you. We offer Air Freight services through different air freight forwarders, and depending on the route and urgency of the cargo, custom clearance procedures and other factors, we find company to do each bit until it’s all done in professional and timely manner. That’s why we are able to to provide comprehensive air freight solutions to you as our partner.

*note that we are working as your partner in finding the best, cheapest and easiest air freight solution, you still have to pay for the services that the companies here provide for you.

Whether the cargo is flying to Belgrade or Nis we offer full organization of handling the goods as soon as it reaches the airport. Same goes for the cargo going out of Serbia, your freight forwarding needs are taken care of as soon as you contact us.

For smaller urgent shipments to Belgrade we can make the delivery ourselves. Let us know if you require any additional services such as picking up or delivering your cargo to a specific address or airport.

How do we communicate?

Emails, phones, text messages or any other communication method is fine by us. We will keep you constantly updated and follow up from start to finish. Tracking your cargo from day one, regular email updates, real time stats if needed and any other information that you may require.

We can also provide insurance coverage, DGR transport, air freight quotations, volumetric calculations and tracking through online systems.

No need for you to waste your time in negotiations, talking to different companies, or even setting the route, we do everything for you.


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