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Our Services in Serbia

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Whether you are looking to do business, or just  traveling to Serbia, we are here to accommodate any of your needs while in the country. In general people are warm and welcoming to foreign tourists and businessmen, it’s easy to get around and find your way, but it’s even easier for you to have someone to prepare the  ground before you even get in.

We can handle anything from negotiations, contracts, business talks, conferences, business plans, marketing plans, research, booking ,any personal or business assistance.

If you need translation service, bodyguards, drivers or companion, we will find someone experienced and helpful to assist you. To some extent we can expand our services to Balkan areas, but for any sort of service out of Serbia we need you to give us few weeks notice on what you would be needing and in what country.

If you are opening an office in Belgrade or anywhere in Serbia, contact us and we can find, screen and interview people on your behalf, and send you resumes / cv of the perfect candidates.

For investment opportunities we can act as your partner and do in depth analysis on the project that you have in mind. Create a report for any future investment you want to make.

If you, or anyone you know, is having legal troubles, we’ll find the legal help and high profile attorney.

Contact our Belgrade office at +381 69 334 4890 or fill in the contact form to get in touch with us

Serbia For Business

Serbia is located on the crossroads between eastern and western Europe, bordering Hungary, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia in EuropeBulgaria and Romania. Warm and welcoming country in the central Balkan Peninsula with plenty of exceptional destinations for both business and travel. Current population is little over 7 millions, and capital city is Belgrade located in the north part of the country.

Serbia is on its way to in becoming a full part of the European Union, current membership status is in negotiation, but majority of the population and political structures are strongly for joining European Union.

Serbia offers extraordinary business opportunities and each year is improving its business environment for foreign investors. With universities producing around 50,000 educated workforce each year, there is a big market of highly educated and skilled workers.

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