Partner program for outsourcing

Recruiting Partners

 We offer partner program for anyone willing to find projects or long term work. Recruiters are welcome or anyone else with jobs on hands.

What we offer: part of our employees salaries ( ongoing for as long as the project or employment lasts)

We can guarantee to find quality workforce for any employer, highly educated with great work ethics ready to take on any project or a job.

How does it work?

Let’s say you find a full time job for administrative assistant, data processor or something simple that would be paid around $1500 per month if you were to hire anyone from the US, Canada or EU. You need someone who is an English speaker with great grammar skills, word and typing skills.

I offer you the perfect candidate (or more depending on what the project is) and we make an agreement that we will pay them $1300 per month. The difference of $200 a month will be paid to you each month for as long as the employee is receiving his salary.

If there are more jobs, you will get a part of each employees salary for as long as they work on the project and stay with that company.

Although highly educated and skillful, workers here make on average 600-700 usd per month, so you can clearly see advantages why Eastern Europe can offer what almost no one else can. That’s why big call centers have moved here, and a lot of IT companies, sometimes it’s easier then China and India, so why not you?

If there is a specific role to be filled, all of our employees can be trained, and once trained they can train others. So you have even set up the whole office of people to work with a company that you arrange terms with. This could bring you a lot of money just by doing the job finding.

You can even manage people yourself, train them, have conferences, webinars or whatever else you think would improve their knowledge for a specific job, and have ongoing trainings with them each week or month. It’s really up to you how you want the setup to be.

Become-PartnerAnything you can think of can be done, just let us know what you need and how much time we have to find a right person for the job. Even if they are not into a specific field, they can be trained and finish any courses required by employer.

For more info give us a call, or fill out contact form.



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