professional business callers


Sales, telemarketing, virtual cold callers, virtual assisting may all sound the same, but they are different jobs and requirements. That's why we have callers to fit all profiles

Modern solutions

Cloud based call center with fastest dialer in industry. Recorded calls, live listening, reports, analytics and more.

Business growth

Stop wasting money on overseas calling solutions. Low quality callers will never get your business growing. Get what you deserve, only the highest quality callers.

Easy payments

Affordable test campaign as well as part and full time plans. No contract, no obligation, use whenever needed. Even as seasonal calls.

Choose the perfect MONTHLY PLAN

For specifically tailored plans we have come up with great pricing solutions that are easy on your budget, yet bring in leads. All our plans include dialer, unlimited minutes and a local US number. In case you only need a caller and have your own solution we can offer even better hourly rates

Caller (your dialer) = $15/ hour

Commission only = @ $100 per lead

It’s always cheaper inside our digital marketing package


Test Campaign


Part time


full time

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our regular calling campaigns

Telemarketing, canvasing and calling people that want to refinance and/or get a better rate on their current mortgage. Follow ups, acquiring required paperwork, managing database in CRM and doing cold calling when things are slow (virtual assisting and virtual cold calling)
Real estate
Full Time
Cold calling to businesses and home owners. Offering landscaping services and getting appointments for our field team to go out and do the work. Anything from lawns, drought protection, gardens, pavement, cement work, tree management and more.
Part Time
Calling hot leads that signed up through regular mail. Scheduling appointments at appropriate time and setting up agents to go and meet those people (sign a contract). We create a foot in the door before our agent turns on his car.
Full Time
Incoming and outgoing calls, tickets and chat to help clients with problems. Problem solving with purchases, orders and returns. Digital service company that has over 5,000 developers and over 20 apps on Android and iOS platforms.
Customer Support IT
Full Time