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We offer a variety of data processing online services. This is the absolutely number 1 hated job across the US and Canada, or least that’s what kind of perception we got from all the offers we’ve received.

Sitting down all day inputing different data, computing, making calculations, tiring and boring jobs that no one wants to do right?

Well yes and no, as professionals we take all our jobs serious, and with data processing we like to think that we are helping out people who really just want to focus on something else. Maybe you don’t want to waste your time doing the data processing, or are tired of doing it, let us handle that part of your business with low rates and great quality employees.

We offer to do it either part or full time for you, or your company. We can even provide more people, have CRM integration for data processing, do online data processing with any online system you have in mind, or do it in Microsoft office and send it back to you.

Whatever kind of data processing you need, we will take it from your hands and do it for you.

So far we have done data processing for small and mid size businesses, real estate mostly, some people from banking industry, there are times when we had to learn the system, calculations, but in the end everything always works out for the best of both parties.



Data Processing Employees

Data Processing Online

We pride ourselves in offering quality above anything else (quantity, speed etc), meaning that we deliver everything that we say. That’s why when you choose one of our services we will introduce you to the team members doing a job for you, and you will be directly in contact with them. There is a way for you to train them, do online conferences, hold webinars, update them and brief them on anything new that has to be done. If you don’t have time for any of that, we always have our managers checking each project and making sure that everything goes smoothly. This is all free, and best of all we have high speed internet with back up connections, high tech computers, so that you are always safe in knowing we are always online.

RATES: Starting at $6 per hour

Banking & Finance Data Processing

Most of these high paying jobs require a lot of time for simple tasks of data processing. We’ll make your day easier and work whenever you need the processing done. So if you are working 9-5 in the bank and are in need of data processing online, we’ll have someone match your working hours and do the processing while you focus on other important work

Real Estate Data Processing

Submitting a loan and doing all the paperwork is hard in the real estate industry. We understand because we’ve processed some loans, made a lot of leads through CRM systems and have done a lot of data processing for real estate agencies. We value your time and you should to, so concentrate on what’s important – getting new leads – and we’ll do the back office process for you.

Outsourcing Data Entry and Processing services

Cut your costs, save your time and focus on what’s important. Let us do the jobs that you don’t need to waste your time on, or have your employees do more quality and productive work.

Insurance, Health care, Media, Publishing, and any other industry

We never refused a single client, if you have a specific data entry or data processing job that you can train us to do, we are more than willing to learn it, adapt ourselves to it, and do it for as long as you need us.

Please fill out our form and tell us what kind of data processing do you need.
Please be as specific as you can, and explain in details what our duties would consist off.
You can always give us a call @ 858 222 0745 or fill in the form and we will get back to you in a timely manner


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