Performance Based Digital Marketing Packages

Aggressive performance based marketing

Branding, awareness, growth hacking, all in one marketing solution. We bring in strong digital marketing packages that are performance based. Lowest click through rates with highest conversion. Digital marketing packages that just make sense

Clean and powerful techniques

We grow you profiles organically. We don’t buy clicks and likes, we bring in leads. No risk of ban or penalty, we keep our marketing clean and abide by the marketing law (US & EU).

Affordable multi channel marketing

The most affordable online digital solution. Don’t believe us? Just search digital marketing packages and see how our competitors charge triple and do less.

Our digital marketing Experts

From Facebook to Linkedin, we expand profiles and get social media attention directed to your business. With cloud based tools for posting, connections, following, groups and more, we cut the costs and keep marketing clean. Your profiles stay active and bring in real leads.
Social Media Marketing Team
Cloud based online systems
Over 15 years of telemarketing experience in call center environment. Bilingual without any accent in spoken English. Suited for cold calling, virtual assisting, answering, client relations and other tasks. Each telemarketer is carefully picked to and selected for marketing campaigns.
Native English speakers
Perfect targeting and re-targeting so that your campaign doesn't waste money. In depth research on your niche and targete audience. We can bring traffic to a landing page, get them to call you or schedule appointment, whichever method you prefer we make ads work.
Google, FB ads
Certified Google Partner
10 + years of writing. Oxford graduate in English literature. I write for diverse niches: travel, home, nature, health, tech, business, internet, et cetera. I am looking forward to assisting you with your content requirements.
Writer, content provider

What can be expected from our digital marketing packages?

How fast can I see results?

All organic growth takes time, and that’s why we are including aggressive social media marketing with email marketing  to bring in leads right away and keep building strong base for the future. With SEO you will see results in the next 3-6 months, but coming up in ranks on Google will be best future proof marketing that will keep bringing leads long after we optimize the pages in the first month. With higher plans results come even faster, with seasonal telemarketers that go straight to decision makers paired with huge local and global outreach with emails and social media mass marketing.

Which software & techniques do you use?

All our software is cloud based made by our internal programming teams. We constantly improve our methods of marketing and strictly follow guidelines and laws. No matter what campaign we create we do in depth research on regulations before we start marketing and advertising.

Are my accounts safe and secure?

Absolutely. You will be working with US citizens and each piece of content is original material that is yours to keep. We use encrypted cloud technology to keep your data and never share it with anyone outside our agency.  After we are done cooperating we destroy all data for security reasons. With us you are safe and secure.

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