Email Marketing vs Cold Calling

Email Marketing vs Cold Calling

We are looking at email marketing vs cold calling solutions and comparing new vs old money making techniques. Head to head unbiased and tested solutions.

We’ve done both emailing and cold calling, so we know what works, but we also know that it really depends on the industry. While IT industry can really set aside the cold calling and focus on email marketing only, real estate, car dealerships, insurance will still get huge profits from doing the cold calling. They could also make money from emails, but since they relay on buying the calling lists from the internet, doing so with emails will result in spamming and huge fines.

We’ve made a simple graphics from the past few years of doing both email marketing and cold calling. 


To expand a bit on the picture we would like to add:

Email marketing will give you higher percentages only if you’ve collected emails from the sign up forms on your website or landing pages. Buying emails from website will mark you as a spammer in most cases.

Cold calling will get you a higher response rate, but that’s only because people can’t chose to delete your call, mark it as a spam call, or ban you from calling.

We did not include success sales rate, as that really depends on the industry, products, customers, consumers, leads, and more factors that have to be taken into consideration when building a list like this.

Cold calling is easy to set up – pick up the phone and dial numbers. If you want something more advanced, you can get a system like Fenero , Five9 or other such solutions.

Email marketing is a bit harder to create and maintain. You need to know basics of email marketing and how to set up the subject, make your email short, include pictures, clickable links or graphics, and it can get really hard to make an email that you want your customers to see. Using Mailchimp will make our job easier, or other such solutions, but you still have to include sign up option on your website, have subscribers, manage them, send newsletters etc.

If you want to know how to set up your email campaign check our page out.

Learn how to find people to do the cold calling for you.

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