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email-marketing-iconEmail marketing is the best digital marketing option out of all the other ones, that is if you have subscribers who had opted in from your website. It’s still good even if you have purchased lists, but much harder to send out as a clean email (not a spam). If you are wondering which marketing tool would work best fitted for your business, I’ll tell your right away that email marketing is for all the businesses that have services, stores or anything to offer to consumers and customers.

If you have less than 2,500 subscribers I would suggest you stop reading and go sign up for mail chimp, elastic email, or any other such email marketing provider, but if you are looking for your own private server for your company, mass emailing, multiple marketing campaigns and tons of features, you are at the right place. Think about how many people have smart phones, well pretty much all of us, right? 100% of those people have emails set up on their cell phones, meaning that in todays world, each person can be reached via email. This makes email marketing one of the best marketing options, and easiest to reach targeted audience.



Our Email Marketing services:

Online Email Marketing Providers

Set up Mailchimp, Elastic mail , Sendinblue or any other email provider – upload your constants, create campaigns, custom built email templates, A/B split tests, send out emails, report the results back to you, advise how not to end up in spam folder and stay clean.

Price: $150/month

Private email server for small and mid sized businesses

This way you can control of what your email does, how it works, who gets an address. Safe and sound email that’s better than most of the purchased business emails.

Price:  Set up: $300 + $300/month

Mass mailing server for sending large amount of emails

Want to send lots and lots of marketing emails? With our solution you will get best possible option to start shooting huge amount of emails on daily basis. We can set up private online server with powerMTA and Interspire for you to be able to send large quantity of emails each day. If you have clean email lists, spam free email template, you can slowly send and increase limit on your campaigns (warming up the IP’s). There is always a risk associated with this type of set up, if the list is bad, contains spam traps, honepot emails or bad lists, you’ll end up getting kicked out of the server or blaclisted (all your emails end up in spam folders).

We set up the whole back and front end, so that you have a powerful tool for mass emailing. Linux based server and software, all configured and ready to used + 5 IP’s for rotation (set to auto rotate),


Server and software setup – $500

Maintenance, organization and sending – $300/month





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