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A two-day event for designers with the innovation bug. The gathering will include workshops, fascinating talks, and give-aways that will help you start thinking about the future of design in all fields. Shout out to the ones who want to be those who will change our design future.

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Real images from our clients

Betty Brown

Creative Director

Clare Douglas


Anna Doty


John Walker

Creative Director

Kelly Sines

Visual artist

Robert Noble

Design Director

What you will get

We have created two days of amazing workshops, inspirational design lectures, and meetings with other creative people for you to connect and learn from. Get tickets and join our growing community of bold designers.
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We are online!

Everyone can be part of this conference – we’re going virtual! And we will be streaming it from Los Angeles’ grand hall. Buy your tickets today and connect.

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Be part of our community: register for the conference and become part of the Design Cube family.


About Design Cube

Design Cube is a community of unique designers who want to be part of the design movement worldwide. They established this conference eight years ago as a mission to grow the design network and really influence today’s world.
Email campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is used to send commercial email messages to targeted lists or groups. Every email sent to current and potential clients could be viewed as email marketing in its broadest term. It is used to send ad campaigns, business proposals, introductory message,s or sell products, and services.

What Is Email Marketing?

Remember when you used to get your mail, magazines, leaflets, and coupons from the mailbox outside your house? It used to be an effective marketing strategy, but only big guys could afford such mass marketing campaigns and outreach.

After the birth of the Internet, things took a turn for the worse. People began to use email instead of snail mail and a whole new level of marketing opened up. Companies now send us the same mail, magazines, coupons, and promotions except for the fact that it’s all in our inbox. And, these days, nearly anyone can afford to run an email marketing campaign.

That is the essence of email marketing. It’s a clear and simple marketing channel that allows you to promote your blog posts, products, and services to your email subscribers.

Email Lists

An e-mail list allows the flow of information to many internet and targeted users. You can use your email list, build one from your website or even purchase it online for targeted campaigns to:

– Promote blog posts: Whenever you post a new blog post you can tell your subscribers. This helps bring more traffic to your website.

-Sell product: You can also use your email list to promote your products or affiliate products. Email is more efficient than social media if the list is targeted. 

-Connect with followers: Your email list will help you connect personally with your subscribers or social media followers on another channel. 

Ask questions, run polls, surveys, etc.

-Long-term rewards: Unlike social media, you won’t always have to pay to promote your emails. The bigger the email list, the better ROI. 

Email lists need to be clean, targeted and fresh. 

If your bounce rate is higher than 3% you will run a chance or blacklisting your server or getting banned from the major email sending services. 

How Do You Get Started with Email Marketing?

In just four easy steps, you can achieve your goal.

1.    Select the correct Marketing Service

Find a service that matches your budget and your company.

Building the email list does not necessarily involve collecting one e-mail at a time and sending e-mails to individual subscribers. There are e-mail marketing services and lists online where you can purchase a targeted list. You can easily manage your email list on the platform itself (Mailchimp, private server, elastic email or any other provider). It will also allow you to create email campaigns to send emails simultaneously to your whole list. Your Personal Workforce is one of the main private server providers for bulk blasts and email sending services to help you send emails through Mailchimp, elastic email, mailer lite or other online services. 

Email automation is another important email marketing tool. This allows you to send automated e-mails to your subscribers a welcome e-mail, thank you email, confirmation or other automated responses automatically. 

2.   Install an Opt-In Email Plugin

You can start collecting emails from your blog, website, landing page, articles once you have an email marketing service in your mind. Most of them offer plugins that can be downloaded and installed on your website for free.  

Everything you need to do is install an opt-in email plugin on your blog, set up pop-up messages, embed opt-in forms, and open welcome doors to ask visitors to subscribe to your email list.

An efficient plugin offers you all the tools that you need to maximize the traffic on your website by converting them into subscribers.

3.   Create a Lead Magnet

People take their email addresses personally, and they really are. It’s part of their private life, and nobody wants useless emails in the mailbox. As a result, before subscribing to an email list, people always hesitate. Visitors to your website will only subscribe to your email list if it offers them some value. That is why you need incentives to give your subscribers their email to you.

For example, when they join your email list, you can offer your subscribers a free eBook, consultation, 5 minutes tutoring, free software or any other freebie that won’t cost much and will offer value.  These bribes are known as lead magnets. To add people to your email list, you can create several types of lead magnets, like: 

  • Free eBooks
  • Email classes
  • Coupons
  • Free product trials
  • Discount codes

4.    Create Your Landing Page

This step is optional, but it is particularly important. You can use a landing page to showcase your lead magnet effectively and convert visitors into leads when you’re using a valuable lead magnet. You’ll be able to direct traffic to your lead magnet more easily with the landing page.

For example, you can share a link to your landing page on social media and link it to your guest posts on other blogs to get more subscribers and traffic to your landing page.


Email marketing is an advanced and amazing tactic for business promotion. It is economical, easy to carry out, and has the best ROI out of all digital marketing channels. 

Need a private server for bulk blasting, or email sending through online services? Newsletter creation (html) or any other help with email sending?
Contact us today to get started with an email marketing campaign.