Email & SMS Marketing

Best roi

Out of all marketing options email marketing gives you the best return on investment. Done right, email marketing is the most effective tool, and can get you more leads than any other digital marketing solution.

Email Cleaning

Even if you have a purchased list we can still get you setup on a server to send a lot of emails. Our cleaning solution makes sure that bounce rates are under 2% and that your server doesn't get blacklisted.

Powerful server

Clean and powerful email servers for bulk sending. IP rotation, new domain, VPS, hosted in EU or USA and great inbox rate. We make sure that your server stays clean and keeps on sending as long as needed.

HTML Design

If you don't have your own newsletter template or design, our team can do it for you. We can code new template and upload it to your server so that you can just click and send, or we can do it all for you.

Choose the perfect plan

Depending on your marketing goals and lists, we give you different budget options. If you are a first time sender, feel free to start with the first plan and see how well it works for you. 


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Per month


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Frequently asked questions

Out of all the marketing options available, email marketing brings the best return on investment + it costs less than most traditional marketing techniques. 

Open rates mostly depend on the list quality, but even when sending cold emails you can expect anywhere from 6-10% on average, while for signed up consumers anywhere from 40%-60%. Lists have to be cleaned prior to sending, so that the server stays out of blacklists and spam filters.

If you don’t have HTML flyer (email creative) we can design one for you. All you need to send us is the text and images (we can always find commercially free ones online, or purchase for you). Stunning design that will attract our new clients to your website. 

Perfect. They are all setup so that they avoid spam, have high inbox rate and produce good amount of leads. We set them so that they warm themselves up and consistently send enough emails for good marketing result. If you are a tech person, we can send all the details of the setup with numbers and 10/10 score on mailtester. 

For any other question or live presentation of our servers, feel free to reach out. Contact Us

SMS Marketing

Our digital marketing campaigns include aggressive marketing techniques.  We increase website traffic, conversion, lead sources, outreach and brand awareness.  Free consultations and strategy assessment. No one in our industry can offer what we can, they simply can’t compete with us.  

We charge less so that you can make more!!!

Modern marketing

This will be the best marketing option in 2020 and beyond, simply because everyone on this planet owns a smart phone. The potential behind this is great, as long as we keep it clean and make sure that we don't spam.

Powerful server

Clean and powerful interface for easy sending. We can give you access to your server, or send for you. Either way we make sure that your SMS go to their destination. Fast and simple sending with easy online based platform.

Non spam sms messages

We work closely with you to create messages that are read and saved. We don’t send spam (we can, but the prices will be different). Most of our messages are smart, witty and drive more sales. 

Prices are for US, but we also offer Canada and EU


5,000 SMS


10,000 sms


50,000 sms