Free real estate tips and tricks

Free real estate tips and tricks

Free real estate tips and tricks – how to promote your copmany online

In this blog you will find free real estate tips and tricks, how to do some free marketing, promote your website and get on the first page of google (and stay there). Strategy that takes time and a lot of planning, but with right tools (free as well) I will show you how you can promote yourself, your company or services for free (and maybe things that you should pay for). I am not trying to offer any of my services on here, it’s a straight forward blog about your promotion.

real estate tips and tricks

Real estate market is one of the toughest one to promote yourself in, and most of the big companies own the first page on google, have marketing experts and pay top dollars to stay on top. I guarantee you that you can change all of that, even better, I know that you can rank higher than most of your competitors. It’s not an easy thing to do, it does take a lot of time, but it’s totally worth it, as you won’t be wasting your time.

There are few ways to do this, and there is no easy road (unless you want to take the gray hat method and rank first in Google in matters of days, but this is a risky procedure and not work it in a long run). Most important thing for you is to have a positive mind set of can doer, set aside at least an hour a day for your own promotion, and constantly do the research on your competitors (I will show you all the free tools that you can use). This is a proven method, and one of my customers has used this method for last few months, and started coming up on top for his local carpet washing business (although that’s not as competitive as a real estate market).

1.Do the research

Most important aspect of this whole tutorial, do your research. If you are just starting out, or have not done any internet promotinos, you need to know who your competitors are and what they are doing. It’s as easy as going to the website, filling in their website URL and getting the information you need. SEMRUSH  is a website that can show you a lot of details on your competitors, what they are doing, how much are they paying for their pay per click campaigns, how many backlinks (I will go into this later, what they are and how you build them) and what they are doing to stay on top of their competitors (meaning you). Fill in their URL at the top of the page and really read that data, see the keywords they are using, how hight they are ranking for them, and what strategy do you need to beat them. Write on a piece of paper all the keywords they are using, as you will need them, and then research what those keywords can do for you.

2. Keyword research

Starting small and thinking big is a key to any business success, and that’s what you need to do as well. Researching the keywords that your competitors are using is of utmost importance to your success, and using the long tail keyword in the beginning as well. You need to think of a keyword that will work out for your website, it has to be in the title of your post in the first paragraph, somewhere in the text, meta description and on few other places in the post, so real estate tips and tricks is mine, and I’ve just used it again. This shows the google that the post is relevant to what you are trying to get your users to learn or see. Researching keywords is easy, sign up for google adwords, go to the TOOLS section, click on the Keyword Planner, and on the left hand side click on get search volumes data and trens. There you enter as many keywords as you like, and after you submit them, Google will show you how many searches per month can you expect, and how fierce the competition is (high, med, low). Always go for low competition and long tailed keywords in the beginning ( 3 or more words together). Always write down everything on a paper, so for each new post you are prepared and you know what you are going for. This doesn’t guarantee you the first page even if you don’t have any competitions, so I will go in details of what does.

3. Submission

Submitting your website, posts, blogs, media to google (search url google submission) is a must, it’s also good to have as much as possible social media accounts, so once you’ve created a blog all you need to do is promote it heavily. You don’t have to go for likes, shares, all you have to do is post it on your business page of facebook, google plus and that’s it. It’s mostly for SEO purposes. Submission doesn’t end there, you need more recognition from google and other such places, so you have to put yourself on Yelp, Squarespace, any other high profile directory that you can get yourself on (google plus, google small business, yahoo businesses, you get the idea). After the submissions you have to get high quality backlinks, and one of the highest quality free backlinks is the PR links (press release links). The way to do it is to search on google for PR log and sign up. Make press releases as they should be made (see the way they are made) and promote yourself, your services and your website (include the links)

4. Quality Content

None of this matters if you don’t have a quality content on your website that’s frequently updated, that’s why you see so many blogs on every website. Blogs will do the wonders for promotion, but they have to have quality in them, and user needs to get something from it. Think about when you are visiting a website, what do you get out of it? Why do you keep on visiting the same website ( not talking about the hub for enjoyment), there has to be something unique, a piece of information that is constantly updated and that it means something to you. You make a website for your users, not yourself.

5. Interaction

Social media and blogs are great, but they can become even better and actually bring you a lot of sales (facebook is not as good as reddit, or pinterest, so you have to research what’s good for your real estate). Having comments, becoming a problem solver on social media, being a part of a group, those are the things that bring the people to your website, therefore improve the intake of leads (if the website is set up correctly) each time you do some interaction on social media, or your blogs. Get your customers involved, let them do the talking for you, the reviews will come, comments as well, and you have to keep on interacting. In 2016 people are using mobile devices more then ever, meaning that they will more likely see your website then search through a booklet and find your advertisement on there. Newspapers ads might work, digital marketing is proven to work.

6. Timing

Timing is everything in marketing, if you do your blogs and publish them at 3 am, guess what? No one reads them. If you think about a smart way to promote your business, you also have to think about people that you want to promote to. Is it better to promote when they just got home from work, or after an hour? Well in an hour they will be finished with their lunch, and they might be sitting on a toilette – which is the perfect time for you to promote. Bathroom time is one of  the best to promote yourself, no one goes to the bathroom without their smart device. This is just pure marketing, it might sound funny, but yes you want to get those people on your website at that time. This is just one example of the right timing. Another one: Do you post your blogs and promotional material at 7am, 8 am, 9am, 10am, 11am,12am? The answer is simple, around the noon people are on their breaks, so that’s the best time to get the blog out (or some social media content), at 7 they are so busy and working so hard that they will not see what you want them to see. At 9 for the first break they might be hungry, again a bad one. At noon they will eat, and will still have some time to find your ad. Timing is everything, and this is one of the most important real estate trick.

7. Go Guerrilla

No don’t go hiding into the woods and attack people with your flyers. Guerrilla marketing is stealing from your competitors, and it’s completely legal. If you are a real estate agent you have to have competitors, so why not have a student wait in front of the open house and hand in your flyers? See it works, it’s not illegal, and you might get quite a few leads this way. Real estate tips and tricks is not only about regular marketing, there is no negative marketing, so you really have to think out of the box and get those leads.

8. Generating leads

If you are having people visit your website, but nothing happens, it’s your fault. Yes you are not doing anything right. You’ve done most of the things on this list, but no leads, so what happened? You did not make a landing page to give out something free and get their information, cell phone, name email. You do not have a sign up form. If you have a great blog and people are commenting, why not have a pop up saying that they can get more blogs if they give you their email, or a name with a phone number. Landing pages with the questions like : What kind of house are you looking to buy? Would you like an experience agent to work for you? Give me your information and I will call you and give you some free tips on how to negotiate a house deal. Interaction again, and getting their information, this gets the leads.

9. Doing  the Sales

Now that you have the leads generated yourself, finish it up. Cold calling with a progressive dialer will save you a lot of time. There are few cheap solutions out there, just generate the information and call people with a good and quality script. If you are nice and straightforward you can always get people to recommend you, even if you don’t do a sale with them. If you are not good with sales, get someone who is. If you are not good on the phone, practice. If you are unsure how to proceed, always think about how you would like to be treated.


Following these simple steps can get you a lot of leads, it takes a lot of time to optimize, get the leads, make sales, but after some time you will be ranked high in google, and people will do the calling. If you set up everything correctly you will get  the leads without spending too much money, or might even get them for free.

We can dot this for you, as we offer affordable services and have a lot of real estate clients. We tend to work with real estate companies for a long time, meaning that both sides are happy and making money.

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