How to hire a virtual assistant that rocks!

Ever since covid, virtual assistants have been sought after more than ever. It’s not easy to find and hire virtual assistant. Many lowed priced ones will just waste your time or you would lose weeks in training them, and that’s why we’ll give you a solution on how to hire a virtual assistant that will make an impact for your company right away. 

We’ll also give you tips and tricks in order to find the right person for you and your business. Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be a tedious project, it’s just a matter of finding a perfect match and balance from your assistant in order to propel your business forward. 


What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

Depending on your needs, a virtual assistant can take the weight off your shoulder, give you more free time or let you focus on your goals. It’s important to understand that good virtual assistant will be a help to you right from the start. 

Calling clients, telemarketing, email or call screening, bookkeeping, scheduling, conferencing, webinar creation, PDF, Excel, Word, social media marketing, SMM, SEO… Yep, it can get tough for them, but they can do quite a lot to help you grow your business. 
Even if your goal is just to have more free time for yourself or your family, it’s still a goal worth getting a VA for. 

Virtual assistant must have:
– CMS knowledge (salesforce, zoho, hubspot)
– Email marketing platform (mailchimp, elastaicemail, private email servers etc.)
– Excel, PDF, Word and Photoshop
– Fast typing and great computer skills


What can you do for your virtual assistant?

Second step on how to hire a virtual assistant is all about your side of the business and time management. Even if you are busy for training you can still utilize technology to pass the message along and improve your experience with a VA.

Train them as much as you can!  – this part is important because you can easily send them scripts, video links, voice messages when you have free time and train them virtually. Help them help you, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes a VA will have more digital experience than you, but it’s important to get them familiar with your industry and the way you do things. 

This is the fastest way to mold someone into being the way you want them to be. There is no perfect human being, but being near perfect is good enough if there is good teamwork and chemistry between you and your VA. 


How to find the right virtual assistant for your business?

This is the hardest part of the process, since everyone wants to be a virtual assistant. What we have been doing for years when screening our VA’s is that we try to combine good computer skills, perfect English language and outspoken personality into one VA. This way it’s easier for you to train them, get them started, put them on your CRM, email marketing software and get them started fast. No time or money wasted. 

Why Choose US

Finding you the right VAs for your business

Online and On Time

Very important aspect of our VA's is to be online and on time. Punctuality is number 1 problem with remote work, that's why we make sure we have people that are experienced VA's and have been so for the past 4,5 years with successful track records.

Hard Working VA

We understand that time = money, and we don't want your time or money wasted. If we can expand your business we will do everything that it takes to do so. That's our promise and we have case studies from past and current clients to prove it.

Availability and Work Times

Being able to serve your or your clients needs is what makes us different from our competitors. We can work around the clock or have multiple people to cover all the shifts, so you don't have to look for others. Always there for you!

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