How to hire a virtual assistant

Ever since covid, virtual assistants have been sought after more than ever. It’s not easy to find and hire virtual assistant. Many lowed priced ones will just waste your time or you would lose weeks in training them, and that’s why we’ll give you a solution on how to hire a virtual assistant that will make an impact for your company right away………….

Successful Email Campaign

Successful email marketing campaign in 2020 Out of all the marketing options email marketing is one of the best and most effective tools with great ROI. At the same time…

Free real estate tips and tricks

In this blog you will find free real estate tips and tricks, how to do some free marketing, promote your website and get on the first page of google (and stay there). Strategy that takes time and a lot of planning, but with right tools (free as well) I will show you how you can promote yourself, your company or services for free (and maybe things that you should pay for). I am not trying to offer any of my services on here, it’s a straight forward blog about your promotion.

How to convert leads to sales on website

To convert leads to sales is something that many find a hard process, and in truth is no easy task, but if you plan ahead and make a business/marketing strategy straight away, you will get those leads to convert easily. This can all be done online without you doing much of the talking.