Performance marketing

For the fraction of what others, we setup, target and re-target your clients on Google, Facebook, Instagram. We build ads that bring money!!!

Google Ads

Top the google search engine with our innovative ad placement. In-depth research, analytics and targeting so that we bring cost down and keep returns high. 

Official Certified Google Partner

certified google partner

Facebook ads

If customers are not on google, they are on 2nd best thing – Facebook. Highest quality targeting and re-targeting, your ads will follow them until they become your client. 

Facebook & Facebook Pixel expert

Instagram & YOUTUBE

Two larges follow up networks. Google’s Youtube is the second best search engine, while Facebook’s Instagram is taking over and getting more popular than Facebook itself. To stay on top of your marketing game, we include awesome ads and videos that people will just love. 

supercharge strategy


In depth research and analytics to bring in the best and most targeted ads possible. We make sure to research your competitors and find out how to come up on top while keeping price per click down.


Following people that are interested in your brand or have visited your website. This is by far the cheapest way to produce leads and to save on digital marketing. We install tracking codes (google, facebook, email marketing) on your website so that we can follow clients no matter where they are online.


Depending on the type of industry you are in, we can create landing pages to close the sale or gather client's information so that you can follow up. If they are buyers, we scale the campaign so that they go to specific page, product and buy online.


Specific targeting for specific industries, age, demographics, jobs, interests to complement beautifully designed ads. Creating warm leads that can close either on the website or via phone.


Designing beautiful ads that will stop people from scrolling down. Unique design that differs on each ad and campaign that we make for our clients. Ad text and ideas can come from you, or we can suggest what will bring in clients. To make our campaigns successful we make sure you approve ads first.


After all is said and done, you will get a rich report on how well our ads performed, who visited your website, how many calls, video views, product views and morel. Each report is specific to each client (depending on the industry and target)

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