Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plan Services

Need more for less? Pro business plan offers unique business expansion where you can manage more people, have us manage them and take care of the whole back office for you. You can even have a full virtual office, start your own business from scratch and have people working for you right away.

It doesn’t take much for us to have a whole set up, and investments on your side would be minimal. Compared to what others offer we can really say that we are amongst the top companies offering the whole staffed office that works right out of the box for simpler projects, or people that are easily trainable for any task.


Business Plan online

Business Plan Online

Need a business plan? Have one written by our experts. Give us your idea and we will work with it to make a start up plan for your new business.

Personal Assistant online

Personal Assistant

Professional personal assistants that will make your life a bit easier. We’ll take care of your customers, leads, emails, calling, scheduling, calendars and more.

Pro Workers

Professional Workers

Need something specific? Android developer, AutoCAD expert, architect or anything that’s specific and harder to find online.

We will find a right person that you can interview and see if he is the right person for your business.


Virtual Business Start up

This is the best option for starting virtual small business. 1-5 Employees with call answering, calling, customer care, data processing, marketing, and anything else needed for the small office to get started.

Later on you can supercharge your business with any of our other services and start growing your customer base.

| 500 USD | 4 hour a day | 30 days | Startup |


Regular office plan

For businesses that want to keep expanding. From 5-10 employees to take over jobs that you need them to do. If you need a solution to take care of one segment of your business, we can do it.

You can even expand your services and have employees here take care of it.

| 24/7 | Part time | Full Time | Contract |


Large Office Setup

Full staffed virtual office with 10+ employees. You can hand pick each candidate yourself and start a large project with us.

There are many ways on how you can open up a whole business office, a sister company or offshore office.

Office hours can be any that you set, so you can have a whole office for 3rd shift support or 9-5 your local time.

| Full office | Large groups | Manager | Trainings |