Tele - marketing

$10 / hour - Native English speaking callers with experience. No accent. Progressive dialer, modern solution, local number, unlimited minutes, leads lists.

Email Marketing

Private server with clean IP's for higher open rates. Clean servers with up to 5 million email per month sending limits.


$12 / hour - experienced bookkeeper with over 15 years in industry. QBO certified, reliable and professional. Won't waste your time or money, instead she'll make sure that your books are updated.

Web Design

$150 - starter website Professional, mobile and SEO ready website. Send us over your text, wordpress login and your website will be live within a week.

Anybody can try and do sales and marketing, but it's important to incorporate modern technology with experienced workforce to create a momentum and drive your business forward.
Your Personal Workforce

Schedule a call or demo today and help your business grow


Can you work on a single project?

Yes, we can work on a short simple project, or a complex project that would require months and many people to work on the same.

Can you guarantee quality?

With over 3,000 projects under our belt and over 300 people working on them, we can say that we are amongst veterans in remote industry

Where are you located?

Most of our freelancers are from Europe and South America (US citizens abroad) 

Can I hire long term?

You can think of our workers as yours, as long as we have an agreement and contract signed.

Do we have to sign a contract?

For the short project we don’t have to have a contract in place. For a long term employment, projects over 5,000 dollars in value a contract has to be in place.

What are your rates?

It really depends on each project, but we do offer affordable service, at least 20% under the market value, sometimes we go up to 75% discount on what it would cost you.

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