Remote Employees

Remote Employees

If you don’t have enough money to hire additional worker, but need extra work power, why not go for remote employees? They are proven to increase business efficiency, and that’s why most of the small businesses go for the freelancers and remote employees.

Remote EmployeesThings that we’ll cover:

  • It’s affordable – how much cheaper are they? Can they work for a budget that I set?
  • Increases efficiency – do they really work harder? How can I track that?
  • Flexibility – can they work while I am sleeping? I may need a 24 hour solution.
  • Hard Workers – do they have to prove themselves? Do they know what needs to be done?
  • Experience – what do they know about the US market? They are foreigners after all.
  • Location – where do I find them and what hours can they work?
  • Language – how would the language barrier affect their performance?

Other online worker solutions, salaries, general projects, pricing, safety, design, and anything else you might need to know before you hire remote employees.


Remote Employees

Ok so you’ve go the idea what a freelancer is, a remote worker, online employee, however you want to call them, they are rising in this world, and they are doing a good job (otherwise there wouldn’t be that many of them). People often fear two things – if they hire a remote employee they will outsource and do bad for their country, or they might think that these workers are really not that skillful when it comes at doing the job that they were supposed to. It’s a wrong assumption of course for both of these points, and although there are examples of bad experience with remote employees, remember that in 9/10 cases it works out so well that it can boost your sales and increase your efficiency. They do things that you don’t want to do, or others don’t want to do for your budget, so they are not doing anything bad for the economy, they might create more local jobs if they do their jobs right.

Is it affordable?

Pricing really depends on what kind of services you need. Would it be a short project, a long term employment, few months, few days, few hours, even few minutes. Just imagine if you had to look for someone around your company to quickly finish up a logo for you? Graphic designer that could work for $50 to just finish up few things that you needed quickly. How long would you need to look for that person? This is what efficiency is all about, not theirs, yours. You would waste a lot of time (maybe even money) in finding a perfect match for your business needs. That’s why remote employees are proven to increase your own efficiency, and will not waste your time. All it takes is for you to find a website offering the services that you need. In all cases the services are cheaper, in most even by 50%, which can have a huge impact on your budget, a positive one of course.

Does it increase efficiency?

Now how would they increase your company’s efficiency? Simple, think about how much would it cost to hire a part time employee to finish up some projects – maybe a personal assistant that can schedule your meetings, filter out your emails and do some calling on your part. It’s as easy as posting an ad on a local directory or a craigslist. It takes you five minutes to find them, and they can be hired for as long as you need them. They won’t need any medical insurance, some can do their own taxes, you can put them down as your expenditure in your books (if they can invoice you, which should be easy through paypal) and they will finish up any task that you need them to do. Data processing is usually a task that not many people in the US or Canada want to do, so  why not let someone else do the job that you don’t want to do, so you can focus on your budget, or simply take some time off and relax.

Are they flexible?

Flexibility is another great point to make, in this day and age you can find as many remote workers to do the job, and they can do anything that you can think of. If you need some simple website for your side project, why hire an agency for something that you are doing as a hobby? It’s cost efficient to hire someone, let them make you the website and run it, and you’ll still have some money to invest into marketing.

Are they hard workers?

Most of the freelancers you’ll find are hard workers. Freelancing is a tough market, you really have to be on top of the game to make it as a full time freelancer. Think how hard they have to work in order to prove themselves, make money for their own website, hosting, domain, marketing the same, keep on working and probably even feed their families while they are at it. This is probably enough to convince anyone that they will be dedicated to their job, work hard on any project you might have for them, and make sure they finish it up on time (in hope that they might get more hours).

Are they experienced?

As I’ve said before, they have to work hard to make it, they have to know what they are doing in order to be and stay on top, so experience part goes without saying. Not only do they have to be professionals, they also need wast experience in order to cooperate with anyone from the western countries. They are not only competing with local freelancers, worldwide freelancers, but also against small businesses and mid sized corporations. They need to know and show what they can do, impress and be innovative, and they also have to lower their prices in order to land a job.

Where do they come from?

They come from all over – you can find freelancers from all 7 continents (yes there are few in Antarctica as well, I’ve found them) and they can work all around the clock. For most of the live chat or other needs, they will be there when you are sleeping. If you have a business that needs a 3-rd shift, you can easily outsource that part and have people take care of all your business needs before you even wake up. For this you would need someone you can trust, but after a month or so, you should be able to see if you can trust a person that has been working for you. You may even find some local student in need of some extra cash, or someone who is struggling with his budgets so they need an extra job. Freelancers are everywhere.

Are they proficient?

Language barriers might be a problem, although most of them read and write in English, their speaking abilities are not as good. This is mostly the problem for cold calling, customer care or personal assistant positions. This is the only negative point that I can make about remote employees or online workers. Although some of them are fluent, most are not. You will have to cope with them not understanding the business English or having to simplify some things. This is a problem if you want them to deal with your customers. This won’t last long though, now in India they have schools that teach them perfect English accent, in fact they have schools for southern accents if needed for cold calling. The world is changing and it’s going towards freelancers and online business solutions.

That’s why I’ve crated a website where I offer fluent English speaking staff (not all, some of us are). We have US and Canadian citizens in our office at all times, so that we have leverage over our competition. For my employees this is not a remote position, rather a remote jobs that have to be worked in the office position (if that makes sense), but we are all still considered freelancers, an organization of freelancers working together.

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