Cold Calling

Experience First

Not everyone can be a telemarketer, and that’s the reason why we have a rigorous hiring policy. Only the highest rated callers are hand picked by our management. We go for people that have sales experience, can go past gate keepers and is hard to hang up on. This way we make sure that they provide best possible results.

Modern Call Center

Modern calling systems that cut out the waiting times and connect your agents to your clients. No more disconnected numbers, voicemails, wrong numbers or any other time wasting obstacles. We want our agents to talk to your clients as soon as they are ready. That’s why we implement modern technology that provides reports, recorded calls and all the details for each agent. 


From real estate, insurance, health care, landscaping, foreign relations, customer support, appointment setting to anything that can be called.


Native English speakers as well as Bilingual agents. A lot of our agents have lived in the US  for years, and are English native speakers.


If you don’t have leads, don’t worry. We have database of over 300 million leads, as well as fresh small business leads for some cities (updated monthly)


Leads go straight to your email, we don’t share your information or work with your competitors. One client per city in your industry.

[lvca_heading heading=”Recorded calls / Schedule a call” short_text=”We have limited agents available, and we always keep quality over quantity. Below you can hear some of the calls from our agent. Schedule a call back with one of our agents to make sure we can do the job required and that you get the right person for the job.”]