Online Office

Online office / Virtual office

Online office or virtual office is a complete solution for anyone who needs a complete office solution right out of the box without the cost of the real office. No need to pay for the rent, full time employees, internet and other expenditures when we have all set up for you to just start managing. Your team our online office (real office with real people).

Online office

Do you want to start a new business and have a team set up for you right from the start? How much would it cost for you to get a real office instead of an online office? Rent + full time employees + all the office supplies + desks, chairs, computers…. at least 10k , the bare minimum to just start your business. What if you could just take over an office and pick the people you want working for you?

Sales department – cold callers, experienced sales leaders, business and marketing plans and more

Marketing department – pay per click, digital marketing, SEO, guerrilla marketing, and traditional marketing

Personal assistants – for you to choose who will have responsibility of taking care of all your daily tasks to make your life easier

IT people – web, graphic designers, developers, app builders, C++, and anything else that you might need

Health department – doctors, pharmacists

Data department – data processing, data entry

Support team – live chat, 24/7/365 support, IT support, phone support

You can train your team, have conferences, updates, reports, daily meetings and anything that you would have in a real office. We can even offer phone solutions for you to start with – progressive dialers, transfers to your cell phone, answering machine, greeting message and more.

Build your future company with an affordable online office solution, there is no limit with what you can do with the saving that you will have by working with us, and experts to work for you.