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Real Estate CloudWe know what it means to be a real estate company, we work with few of the big ones, and that’s why we came up with real estate cloud based solutions for your company. Whether you are a single agent starting up, or a whole real estate team, we offer services to boost your sales, get you more leads, and take boring jobs off your hands. We want you to focus only on the clients, while we do the rest.

To start you off we can offer a website with listings (if you are in need of one) that will be SEO optimized, speed optimized and ranked higher in search engines. This mean that we will do extensive research on your local competitors, find out what they are doing, make the marketing plan, and out beat them straight from the start.

Keyword research and SEO is of utmost importance for any business trying to get seen or heard on the internet, and we all know that internet is more popular than any older ways of marketing (which we do still implement, but first we want to make sure you have a strong base).

Graphic and marketing pieces for real estate cloud based marketing is also very important, as you still want your mailers to get to your customers, as well as any new prospects that might pick them up and call you. We have a great graphic designing team for any marketing piece that can be printed out.

Cold calling is still one of the most effective way to get your clients to refinance their house, get their interest down, meet your sales team, or just get their information. Our real estate cloud based services include cold calling as well. We can suggest websites for leads, or you can give us your list for calling. We can provide our calling system with progressive dialers, or you can give us your details.

Data entry, loan processing, data harvesting, anything that you don’t want to do, or have to do. We provide quality workforce that can easily be trained for any processing job that you need them to do.

We understand how tough a real estate market is, so let us help you get more leads and close more deals.

Test our real estate cloud based services and you won’t be tied down by a contract or a long term commitment. We work on a weekly pay basis, so if you are not satisfied you can cancel after the first week (we never had a case like that so far as we are confident that our team can provide)

For everything that we do for real estate marketing,promotion and other services, please read our blog on Real Estate tips and tricks.

Individual Services:


  • Real Estatate website – starting at $200 without listings, $500 with listings
  • Cold Calling – starting at $10 per hour
  • Marketing – digital, SEO, SMM, SEM – price depends on the marketing bugdet
  • Loan Processing – full or part time employee for loan processing – starting at $700 per month
  • Personal Assistants – starting at $1000 per month
  • Data processing – starting at $500 per month
  • Anything else that can be done online



Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We can schedule a conference, a presentation and give you a great deal of informative and useful ideas on how you can improve your business and make more money from your real estate business. You don’t have to compete with big guys, you just have to outplay your competitors, and we can get you there.


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Starter – 2 employees


Starter packageResearch: In depth research on your competitors, their back links, strategies they use and more.

Website – professional website for agents, lenders, real estate businesses, with or without listings.

Graphic design – logos, flyers, mailers, post cards, brochures, hand in flyers anything else needed

SEO – website optimization,speed, graphics, blogs, texts, links, headers, titles, meta, directories, back links and first page on google placement

SMM – social media business pages, social media optimization and marketing

Cold calling – 4 hours a day from your list, bilingual Spanish / English (contact for other languages), scripts

Telemarketing solution – progressive dialer, reach over 100 people a day, uploading lists and setting up cloud based calling + free 2,500 minutes

PRICE: $2000 / month 

Regular – 3 employees

Everything included in the Starter package +

Regular package


Pay per click campaign – with a monthly budget of $500

Research your competitors pay per click campaigns, outbid them and get you the first spot on google guaranteed. Get a lot of leads your way and expand fast. SEO takes time, but with PPC results can be seen after two weeks. First week is used for gathering data, second is for promotion, third and fourth for sales.

Landing pages – setup landing pages to collect leads informations (phones, emails) and start building a strong lead base for cold calling, marketing, emails and mailers

Email marketing – integration of mailchimp (or any other such solution) and sending emails on a weekly or monthly basis.

Blogs – weekly blogs, to keep you on top of google and on the first page.

Price: 3,500 / month

Power – 5 employees

Includes: Starter + Regular +


Blogs or listings – daily updates on blogs or listings. Copy-writing, ghost writing and producing quality content on daily basis (huge SEO ranking boost).

Weekly adding to directories, consistent presence in the same.

Forums, social media, quora, real estate communities, real estate groups, real estate forums – daily activities in all of those, answering questions, asking them, promoting you and your company on a daily basis, huge SEO juice for the website and ranking.

PR – press release from PR listings, paid PR listings and quality back links.

Full time cold caller – 8 hours a day, we find the perfect list for you

Part time web and graphic designer on the team – always updating website, graphic pieces.

Data processor or Personal Assistant if needed

Pay Per Click monthly budget $1000

PRICE: $7000 / month – guaranteed success and top positions on google for keywords, aggressive sales, a whole team concentrated only on making you profits