Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Remote workers or freelancers are the people that can help you boost your business and take care of any of the project that you might have (long or short term). They do not ask for medical, insurance, nor would they need any kind of contract, it’s a pain free solution for most of the small businesses.  We offer only the highest quality workforce, highly educated, experienced people that will work from our office. We provide remote option for you, and in office option for your workforce. Outsourcing has never been easier and we guide you through the whole process.

Remote Workers

What makes us better than other freelance organizations?

The fact that this is work from the office is already something that makes us unique in terms of remote workers. We make sure people do what they are supposed to do, and although we never had problems with our employees before, we can promise that all our remote workers are assigned a manager who follows up on your projects,timing and efficiency. This really is a simple solution that can work out for any small or mid sized business needs.

How can you guarantee your services legally?

To understand the whole process you would have to talk to us, in short we are US citizens who in collaboration with others from Eastern Europe have to work under the US law. You will only deal with the US citizens that you can hire on a contract, short or long term, so every agreement  that we make is legit and can hold up in the court of the law. Legal is the only way that we work, and our remote workers do the same. We cannot scam anyone, we do not work with scammers, or want to do any scamming on your part, all the projects are done in a timely manner and we stick to any contract that we agree upon (whether it’s an email or phone conversation). We can do 1099 or any other solution, and we do our own taxes.

What can they do and what are the benefits of hiring a remote worker?

Anything that can be done online our workers can do it. Once you hire them they become your workforce, so that you can train them, hold conferences, go over the specific details and how the job is supposed to be done. If you don’t want to do any of that, we’ll make sure that they do it anyways, as our managers are always overlooking each and every project.

Benefits are increased efficiency, time and money saving. Remote workers are flexible, some even have required skills without any training, and since we are running the business ourselves, we share some of the business owning value and hard work.

How much should I pay?

Depending on the project and on services offered, but know that services are 50% cheaper than going with a company that offers these services. Web developers in US range from $30-$200 per hour, and we do the basic website for $350, cold calling for $10 per hour, data processing starts at $6 per hour, so you can see that the difference is huge. You can keep investing in marketing and business expansion for a lot less, and get the same results.

How do I hire remote workers?

The easiest step, go to our contact page and send us an email, tell us what your business needs are and how we can help to boost your business.


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