Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Small Business MarketingSmall business marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or stressful. With us you have options to expand your business first, make money, and only then keep expanding marketing options with us. It’s easy for large corporations to invest a lot of money in their marketing department and we understand that for you every dollar counts, so we have adjusted our marketing plans to fit your budget.

Research – we always check what your competitors are using and doing. We find what their weak spots are, so we can get you ahead of any competitors you might have.

SEO optimization of your website – better ranking on google is the best tool that anyone can use, if the website is optimized (speed, keywords, meta, title etc.) you are guaranteed a strong organic respond from search engines.

Quality content – always publish quality content – if you don’t we can do it for you. Small business marketing always starts with quality content.

Videos – they improve both your website and your SEO at the same time. It’s a great tool to have a youtube video on your website, and we can make a presentation for you, or your business.

Blogs – constantly adding content will do wonders for your website and your business at the same time.

Social Media – There is nothing better than marketing all of your products/services to potential buyers/consumers directly. And what better way than social media. Facebook, linkedin, google+, twitter, reddit, stumbleupon and others make a powerful inexpensive tool for your promotion.

Pay Per Click – Whether you want to be seen on search engines or social media, if you want to invest some money and have results straight away, pay per click is the best option.



Pay Per Click Marketing


Affordable pay per click campaigns, cheaper then 75% of all our competition. We offer truly amazing research, set up, landing pages, ad creations, tracking data, tests and much more insight on any PPC campaign we run for any small business.

Starting at $1000 per month

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Search engine website optimization. Research and find out what your competitors are doing, make a strategy and edit on site and off site SEO. Keywords research for any service/ product that you offer. Higher rankings, more organic searches and more views. No one can promise first page on google, but if you have quality content and SEO friendly website, sooner or later you will start to come up on top and stay there. Cheaper then 80% of online SEO services.

Starting at $500

Promotional Videos


Promote yourself the right way, have a video blog, instructional video, showcase or any other video to show off what you can offer and do. This is not only great for a website, but also for SEO purposes, as you get a quality backlink from your youtube channel. Effective and easy way to attract more people to your website or to sell more products.

Starting at $200 per video

Social Media

Social Media

Social media business pages design, showcases, services, groups and much more. Extend your network and be seen throughout the social media. Have a strong presence with constant updates and fresh content. We know it’s tiresome to do it every day, that’s why we take care of all of that for you.

Starting at $8 per hour



Writing blogs became an essential part of any successful business, and there is a good reason for it. It engages your visitors (customers, consumers, leads) and keeps them coming back to your website. Writing and maintaining a blog takes time, and that’s why we offer blog design services for small businesses. Keep your audience coming back for more, with fun, interactive and great looking blogs.

Starting at $7 per hour



Having a quality content on your website is the first step to a successful business and marketing venture that you can take. People want to know what you can offer, read and learn from your website, and if can’t offer just that, then you will lose a lot of customers/ leads. If you have problems writing content for your website, let us do the keyword research and write every article/blog/page that will be SEO friendly and optimized for publishing.

Starting from $10/ hour

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We provide quality small business marketing

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