How to speed up and optimize your wordpress website

How to speed up and optimize your wordpress website

Optimize your wordpress website for a better user experience, better SEO and higher rankings. Optimizing and speeding up your website is the most important thing to do if you want to increase your google score, SEO and quality of user experience. Your website is not made for you, it’s made for users, and that’s the biggest reason to have a clean, fast and responsive website. There are few free tools where you can see what kind of user experience anyone would get by visiting your website, and it’s of utmost importance to keep in mind how the general user would feel if he is looking at your website: Is it too slow? Are the pictures too big and not optimized? Is your website clogged with code? Too many plugins?

Speed Optimization

Optimize your wordpress website

How would you know if your website is ok? How do you clean it up, optimize it and make it fast and improve overall user experience? Simple. First run some test to find out what’s clogging your website, the size of it, how many seconds does it take to load (up to 2.5 seconds is ok) and what is the main problem that is causing all of this. Knowing the full picture behind the website is important, and there are few tools that I use.

Website Speed test

Pingdom test is one of the many tools that can be used to see what exactly are you offering to your users, how they see your website, how much it takes them to see your page, website size and problems that cause the slowness. When I made this website the size of it was over 2MB, which is by website standards was quite big. Find pingdom website speed test on google and see what your score is. Anything over 80 is good, over 85 great over 90 perfect.

Below are general results which will show you exactly what causes the problems for your website. In most cases the images will be too big, unoptimized and heavy. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution in a plug in. There are other problems such as CSS, code, jquery and many other problems that can be fixed and optimized.

EWW image optimizer is the ultimate plug in for optimization of your graphics on the wordpress website. Download the plug in and run optimization for all the images on your website, this should easily give you at least 40% speed increase.

Second plugin to download is W3 Total Cache – a must have for any other problems that might be slowing down your website. What this plug in does is optimize all your scripts, codes and minifies java scripts amongst many other optimizations. Use this with care since it can cause some problems.

Last but not least, download a P3 plug in – this little tool will show you what are all the plug ins doing on your website, run a scan and see if any of the plug ins are clogging your website. I found that Jetpack was too heavy on mine, so I took it off. Wordfence and other popular website can be optimized as well (turn off live scan) and it can really make an improvement on your website speed.

The reason for all this optimization is seen by a simple example from Amazon – when they had a slowdown of their servers by 2 milliseconds, they were down by a few million USD, and yes it’s that important.




Another great tool to show you the score in Google and Yahoo optimization ratings. Speed time, page size and problems you might have on the website.

I had 96% and 99% but anything over 90% is perfect, especially if you want some jquery’s to keep on running.


Last trick (free) that I want to talk to you about is how to speed up your website all over the world. What if you can have your website hosted on the servers throughout the world. How much would that cost? A lot, but you don’t have to pay for it. Simply sign up for cloudflare and you will have your website set up on their servers in no time. Not only does it improve your website speed for users who are far away, but it adds an extra layer of security. Neat right? And the best part is that all you need is a free account.

Next thing we’ll talk about is how to optimize on page SEO for your websites, so please make sure you help us by sharing our articles, so we can keep on writing them.



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