Startup Website Cost

Startup Website Cost

Startup website cost – Starting a new business or personal venture in 2016 almost always requires your digital presence in order to promote yourself. We live in a time where people spend more time on their smart phone then exercising, being outside, walking, sometimes all these together. This only shows that having a website is must, connecting it with social media and you will get a strong marketing tool. Creating something special for your business right away might be expensive, that’s why people often wonder how much does a startup website costs and if they could go without one?Startup Website Cost

Sadly the answer is no, and that’s the only way to be seen and heard fast without you having to spread the word from one to the second person by the word of mouth. Websites are the tools of the past, present and future.

What do you need to know when asking someone to build you a website, where to find a perfect solution, how to implement your ideas and much more will be talked in our blog. You can think of your website as a showcase for your clients, a marketing tool and much more. Depending on your set up, prices may vary, but we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect.
So how much does a Startup Website really costs and how much time does it take to have it live?

This is one of the toughest questions for any web developer, and it really differs for each case and customer. Say that you need an eccomerce (store) website online in a week, this can really bump up the price and you are looking at something around $500 at least (simple online store). On the other hand, maybe you need only your picture with your phone number and one page website, this could be done in an hour and would cost anywhere from $30-$100. So read on to get all the details in what to think about when asking for a price, or to find out the general prices for some website that have structures similar to most of the common websites. We at your personal workforce are trying to get more people to be online, seen and heard, and that’s why we are offering $100 start up website up to 4 pages.

What would you have to know/ say to the web designer?

For the right price you need to have a clear idea and ready instructions for a web designer.No one can read your mind, therefore, you are the one who needs to convey your idea to the designer who will make that idea digital. You shouldn’t think of your website as a showcase only, as in 2016 you have possibility to turn that website into a strong marketing firepower to put you on top of your competitors. Here we got into SEO (search engine optimization) a bit, but with the right team you can do anything. Think about the features you want on your website, blogs, pictures, graphics, animations, text and everything else that you have in your head. The more things you have, the more the price would be. You can always alter your website, improve it, make it bigger, so start small but think big. Startup website cost can really differ if you don’t know what you want right out from the start, or if you keep on changing and altering the project itself.

Responsive websites -what does it mean?

Responsive, simply put, is a website that can change depending on the device that is being seen on. It should only make sense that each website built in 2016 is a responsive one, and unfortunately that’s not the case. With so many smart phones out there, most of the views will come from the mobile users, and with that in mind you should always go for responsive website right out of the box (it can get expensive making a website into a responsive one).

User Friendly

When making a website in your head (designers do it for you later on) think about the users, it’s always about them anyways. It’s not about what you would like to see, but what they would like to find on your website. If it’s not user friendly you are probably wasting your time and money.


Always check with your programmers/developers/designers if they optimize the graphics, speed and onpage SEO. Having website that’s optimized will tell Google that you are really making something special, and will therefore bump you up in ratings. If your website is fast, users will feel right at home on your page. Having a slow and non-optimized website can only mean low view rate, horrible SEO and user experience.

Where do I find someone to build me a website?

There are plenty of places to find people to do anything for you, let alone web design that almost anyone can do nowadays, but the quality and professionalism is a bit harder to find. Craigslist, upwork, people like us and anywhere else online where people offer their services are a potential website builders. Always check out the references, projects and see if they can do the job.

Final Startup Website Cost notes

Think ahead, know what you need and want. Don’t settle for less than perfections, it might be your future in question, so really sit down and get a clear picture of what your needs are, or your business needs. Online business solutions are the tools of the future, which makes your website part of it. Connect with the right people and explore your options. If on budget start low and build up after you start generating profits, do not neglect your website and marketing of the same.


For anyone starting out we are offering a unique price for the whole website (without the hosting plan and domain) for $100. Up to 4 pages with text and graphics provided by yourself, we’ll do a professional and responsive website that you can truly be proud of. Startup website cost doesn’t have to be expensive. As for the hositng you can get wordpress hosting for sale at godaddy..

Basic websites/ profiles/ business pages promo starting @ $100

Eccomerce solutions starting at $400

SEO / Marketing – promoting you to the first page of google for certain keywords starts at $300 per month.


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