Successful email marketing campaign in 2020

Out of all the marketing options email marketing is one of the best and most effective tools with great ROI. At the same time it’s hard to set and optimize it correctly, and that’s the reason why we are bringing you all tips and tricks to create killer email campaign. 

Whether you are using a private server, online email software (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Elastic email), VPS like Amazon SES or any other option, email marketing is what brings in more clients than telemarketing and social media marketing together. Yes that’s right, it’s more effective marketing option in 2020 and beyond, as it was in a previous year as well.

For cold emailing and reaching out to new prospect, goal is simple, create a campaign and send it out. Getting to that goal is what makes email marketing so tough to optimize. Keeping things clean, staying out of the spam box, having unsubscribe link, great subject, open rates, click rates, split tests, and doing it all yourself can be overwhelming for those who haven’t done it, or know just the basics. And if you are not doing 80% of those things right, you are wasting time or losing money, because without most of them done right, you won’t be able to get high open rates or keep your emails in inbox. 


With the new technology comes the new subject line preview. Now you have option to preview an email before opening it. And this is what you have to keep in mind when creating that subject line.

Keep things simple and direct, use their name in the subject line (there is a tag option with most email sending providers where you can put the tag and it pulls names from the lists), company names, click to action openers and generic subject lines. Some good samples of email subject lines would be:

Hi Mike, can we talk about Mike INC tomorrow?

What do you think about email marketing?

Hi Mike, I think you need to do more email marketing

This special is only for you, let us know if you like it

Following up, here is our offer

Open this email 

Can we have a conference? 

I do website design I hope you need one

Hey [name], I have a question 

After the subject line firs few lines are the most important part of the email body. This part makes or breaks a deal. Subject line will get people to open the email, but what follows is what keeps them interested. So make sure your email is strong and straight to the point. No need for an essay, say what you have, don’t sugar coat it, give it to them and they will get back to you. 


Email marketing is a tool which can boost, improve and expand your business all at the same time. Generating email database however, is the difficult part. So how can you generate a clean list that brings in sales and business, and how can you select a huge database (or buy one) that you can send to?

First stop to your perfect email list is your webiste. Pop up form to get an email from potential customer is a must. Offer discount, coupons, free classes, webinars, marketing to get their emails. The more people visit your website, the bigger the list will be. 

Outside your webiste emails can be found pretty much anywhere. Social media groups are full of emails, chats, forums, posts, blogs and other places where people might leave their email address. One problem here is the bounce rate or validity of those lists. This also goes for any purchased online list.

After you gather your list you have to make sure that the list is clean. Having bounce rate over 2% is not a good idea. Bouncing emails (invalid email addresses) is what can blacklist any server fast and/or suspend your account on the major providers mentioned above. There is a way to clean those lists (we do it for our clients that use our private servers), and the can get quite costly if your lists are dirty. Nevecbounce is one of the most reliable one, and cleaning list with them will get you 1% or less bounce rate. If you need email cleaning feel free to contact us, we can do it for less and also give you 1% bounce rate. 

“Clean lists, good subject line with a personal or company name guarantees a good open rate on any type of server. “


Email creative or a flyer is something that pulls the client in to read your email. It contains text, images, and it should be done as HTML code only. Image only flyers do not work anymore, as most email servers (gmail, yahoo, microsoft, aol) block image only emails (or give you option to click to view). This is why you wan’t to have HTML created flyer with images and text combined. It needs strong text and call to action to get good click through rates. If you want to do branding or share news, you can include only that, but then make sure you have social media sharing options in that email. 


Continuing from html creating, each and every email needs unsubscribe link, view in browser link, and a test score of 10/10 (mail tester). Before you send any campaign make sure that you go to and test your email by sending that test email to the email address that shows on that link. Once sent click test your score and see where you stand. If there are spam words, bad optimization or problems in your creative, it will let you know.

Always use your name as a sender, address of your company, license (if any) and contact information (website, email, phone). This is what makes legit emails go out. 

If you are using private server (like we create for our customers) make sure you subscribe to a lot of strong newsletters (news, church, social media, local news, schools etc.) so that you receive emails daily and send as well. It makes it like your private email for sending lots of cold emails acts just like normal email address. We do send warm up guide or have a conference with each client prior to sending. 

Private Email Server


Once sent, email campaign is not done yet. You need to know what the numbers represent and what’s the most important metric that you need to follow. Yes it’s an open rate of the single campaign. If you are sending to a targeted list that you have collected from sign up forms on your website, you need to have 30-70% open rates (it varies from industries, but 30% and more is considered good open rate). People receive tons and tons of email each and every day, so it’s important that you know what to expect. Even if they subscribed for your email, it doesn’t mean that they will be opening it each week. 

Sending emails to targeted list that was found outside your website or purchased online is where you need to send more and get less opens. This is very effective marketing tool, but expectations can’t be above 20% in open rates. It again varies from industries, but sometimes even 2% open rates can bring in great return on investment. I had clients that had small open rates but 1 sale brings in money for all email marketing year around. If you have expensive services, machine parts, software and all you need is 1-2 sales per year, then you will be ok with lower rates, while some industries require higher rates to bring in more clients or money. 

With name at the subject line, clean targeted list ( bought online and cleaned) you can expect anywhere from 5-10% on a private server. 

General list (bulk sending) with no names or addresses in subject lines will show around 2% open rates, but can still bring in a lot of money. 

Again it’s all about your goals and your offer. If you an airplane dealer 1 sale per year will probably make you all the sallary per year from 1% open rates + call. 



After clients (customers) open your email they are given few options by you. Click to call, go to the website, email me back, buy my product or delete my email. Depending on your setup and message they will choose accordingly. 

You can have people go to your landing page and collect their phone numbers, they can go to purchase page, schedule conference, a call, and each time they click on call to action, it shows as an clicked rate. It’s very important that you have something that will show these 

I’ve myself have sent over 3 billion emails in past 10 years, and will continue to do so as long as digital marketing exists. It’s all about optimization, not spamming, having clean lists and thinking about your clients and what they want to receive in their inbox.


Other notes:

Do not put Dear Mr….. I have the best offer….I have something amazing….. you haven’t seen this yet….you are getting the best dea…. – ALL SPAM

Yes all of these emails will go into the spam folder, or will be clicked on as spam email. In todays world the spam filters have been updated and made perfect so that most of these emails (and just look at your spam folder and you’ll see all these words) will just end up as spam.

You have something to offer, say it. Do not sugarcoat it, don’t play around, say as it is.

People don’t like offers, sales, discounts etc (unless they are in the store or are your customer) so why do you offer a discount to somebody you don’t know, somebody that hasn’t tried your product yet ? What would you think about somebody offering discount right away? It would seem as a scam to you, and it probably is, so again just play it straight and make it a direct email.

Whatever you offer there is a market for it, someone needs it, you just have to find the right people.

Best emails are always from your website! People signing up for your newsletter want your product, your stories or you, so get their emails and send them what they want.

Build a newsletter form and collect emails through your website.


If you want to go into more details feel free to leave a comment, send an email and we’ll answer any of the questions you might have.

That’s a simple and effective way to create a successful email campaign, please comment and let us know what you think about the post, or the problems you are facing with email campaigns.

For general pricing of email campaign services you can take a look at our email marketing page