Visiting Serbia Divcibare Edition

Visiting Serbia Divcibare Edition

Visiting Serbia in February is a great time to visit a mountain such as Divcibare, a unique place of ultimate rest and peace. No not a morbid kind of rest and peace, this is a place where you are so close to the nature that most of the times you will feel like there is no need to ever go back to the fast life again. The place where the head is clear, mind strong, time slow.

Visiting DivcibareThere is no such thing as a club, a place where you’ll meet tons of new people, party your ass off and really have a great time, if you are looking for that the best bet is to get down south and go to Kopaonik. Divcibare is the place for those who like to wear their shoes out walking, enjoy sharp deeply penetrating air, a yoga like mesmerizing experience that will stick with you for life. Given that more then 70% of the roads in Divcibare are non existant (they are trails) you see what you can expect. From the first picture you’ll get the idea of how unique this mountain is. There is water everywhere, and although there is no big rivers, there are shallow streams over and under the ground. Most of the water is so clear that you can drink it, and there is also a very healthy underground source that will be exploited soon.

For me, the most important reason to visit Divcibare again (and I’ve been there so many times that I know the place like my pocket), is that I think of it as a healing place for my body and mind. And in truth it did heal me last year (when I had a virus in my hearth) and it also really clears up your lungs, mind and body nicely. It does everyhting a mountain should do, giving you boost in energy, clear and fresh air, skiing or snowboarding (I’ll go into details later), a bit of fun, a place where your kids can play (family friendly hotels) and the ultimate revival of your senses. This time around I was fresh from quitting on smoking, so you can only imagine what it did for my health.
Divcibare 2

When visiting Divcibare you should go to the Divcibare Hotel. Pool, playroom for kids (top floor), nice personnel, an old style hotel (wish they took better care of it) and a place to eat, drink and have fun in. This is the most famous hotel in Divcibare, so it can be a good place to book a room. It’s also most expensive place to stay at, but it’s worth it. After the short walks you can take a little train to drive you to one of the mountain tops. This way you’ll see the whole of Divcibare without taking you few days by walking, or maybe you just like riding the trains, either way you’ll have fun on the cheap ride through Divcibare. A marketplace is really close by, where you should really try the local organic food. Everything is natural, everything tastes good, and even the restaurants are cheap while offering the great tasting, good quality food choices. Unfortunately for Vegans or Vegetarians they are not really offering much. It’s all about the meat and heavy foods. You’ll spend a lot of energy, so naturally you will need good food to replenish yourself.
Divcibare 3

Skiing was a problem in the past two years, there was little or no snow throughout the season, so people that were there for skiing left disappointed. Size of the slope is small even when there is snow, and skiers often complain that not enough is done to make this mountain attractive location for them. Starting next year the new ski run will be in place (picture on top) and people enjoying extreme sports will be enjoying this mountain as well.Divcibare 5

Coming to Serbia and visiting Divcibare would be a great choice for families with small children, people that like to walk, hikers, and others that want to get away from the busy life. There is Wifi in most of the hotels, great food (organic), it’s really a cheap vacation spot. There is no clubs, nothing is open too late, and the whole point is that you get energy needed to get back into the office.

Apartments are not hard to find, but most of the websites will give you Serbian only language. Here you can find some places┬áthat will be cheaper then looking on trip advisor, or any other big websites. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$30 per night, but $30 includes a house for around 5 adults. Being close to Belgrade it’s really a great place to book your next vacation. We offer services in Serbia for anyone who needs them. Translation and other services, transportation or anything else needed.

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