What is growth hacking?


1.Growth Hacking

There are few controversies around the internet of what growth hacking means, and that’s why I have decided to give you a detailed overview of what growth hacking is, and how it can really benefit any company or business (this is my perspective, others have different views). So read on and enjoy the world of learning and tips on how to do few things yourself to improve your business.

Growth hacking is growing your business through different marketing channels while making sure that it grows more each day. Each channel is analytically measured and followed so that the statistics are always at hand to show which channel is producing desired results. Techniques that are not reaching potential fast enough have to be re-optimized or re-targeted. Not all channels are for all businesses, but they can all be tested.

2. Marketing Channels

Marketing can consist of many different channels to grow your business fast, but you have to make sure that each channel is monitored, measured and analyzed properly, so that in time it can be re-optimized and made to perform even better. This means that you should do analysis on what has worked for you so far, create marketing plan and marketing channels to start your marketing campaign.  For my clients I tend to use as many as I think would benefit them, and start with a smaller budget and optimize accordingly. It would look something like this:

  • Email Marketing

    -A lot of small businesses have the email lists from their clients, but are not utilizing them. That’s why I like to start with email marketing – it’s proven that email marketing works, and that it gives the best ROI out of all other marketing techniques. According to campaign monitor, email markeitng will give you back $38USD for each dollar spent.  Email marketing works grate for returning clients, since they are the most likely to buy again, as well as for new prospects, although it’s tough to get by the spam engines (I do have my ways).

Growth hacker will not only count the ROI but look at the split tests, find different time options for your clients, different subject line, product lists, which page they go to, how long until they purchase, why did they leave etc.

* if there is no email list you should always build an email harvesting form on your website

  • Cold Calling

    not as good as email marketing, but definitely useful for most industries. Real estate industry still uses cold calling as primary leads generating platform, so it must means that it works. Few experts are saying that cold calling is really not worth it anymore and that it’s a waste of time (Toby Marshall has explain how to get prospect to talk back and what is ROI in cold calling industry) . I wouldn’t agree much with many of the “internet” expert, since I know that calling can and does work, it really just depends on the industry and campaign optimizations. So for real estate industry calling might be great, while for online stores it wouldn’t really make sense to call your clients, or random people in your area to get them on your website.

Growth hacking cold calling would mean having few different scripts, calling at different times of the day, using males/female callers, using cloud based software with progressive dialer to reach at least 100 people per day, and saving all the data from the calls. How long people stay on call with different caller, how different age groups reply to certain campaigns, who is usually answering the phone and what they use as a block etc.

  • Social Media Marketing

    In todays world being on social media is part of the life, and that’s why there is no life for your business if you are not on it. I am not saying there are no businesses who can’t go without social media, but in 90% of the cases not using business page on social media will be downfall for most new businesses. You are getting overrun by millions of businesses promoting themselves there, their content, their services, pages, projects, products etc. So not utilizing social media is a big mistake. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media, 50% are buyers, so it’s a great channel to growth hack your business fast. Instagram can be used as well. Facebook is the biggest social network, and amazingly it’s still growing. So not being seen by millions around you, even thousands, or hundreds, can make your business close faster then it took you to open it. Twitter is a fast thought sharing which can also be used for promotions. The point of any of the social media marketing and business pages is to grow them and have huge fallowing. I did it a lot for others, never for myself. It’s very time consuming and tiring work, but it always pays off.

Growth hacking social media would mean few profiles adding your page everywhere, posting in all related groups, getting likes and shares, posting and sharing content, lots of writing and trying to find influencer in the specific niche and then re-optimizing it all for even better results. Unlike cold calling and emailing there is no way of failure or stopping of growth here, after a while it gets to the point where people add you by themselves and you gain likes and followers easy.


  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

 Getting on top of search engines doesn’t have to be all that hard if you have money. You can get seen by thousands on google, pinterest, twitter, people that don’t know you, never heard about your business. That’s the beauty of pay per click, you can target people that you know might be your future customers and clients while paying only for their clicks to your website, sometimes even for the call. Pay per click is a great way to attract new customers fast, and to really bring in more sales, leads, customers, consumers or whatever you need for your niche. Depending on the competitors, aggressiveness of your campaign, you can get tons of targeted traffic your way, at a certain cost. The more competition are trying to rank for certain keyword, the more it costs. First few weeks will always serve as the signal catcher for who your targeted audience will be, and then re-optimization of the campaigns will bring in sales and leads.

Growth hackers will spend a lot of times on PPC campaigns, as each day there will be lots of analytical work making sure that the campaigns are set right and that enough leads are produced. Re-marketing is constant effort to narrow down to the right leads, so that no money is wasted on people just lurking around.

  • Constant Content creation

 If anything must be done constantly without stopping, it’s creation of content. Products, pages, articles and optimization for better readability are just some samples of content. This is the pillar of any online business growth! Creating quality content is the key to success. Sometimes a good piece of content can really boost your business just by itself (with proper marketing, since without marketing your content, no one will be aware of it’s existence). Articles are great way to boost your organic SEO, posting articles on Press Release websites can really give you good signals from google and increase rankings for specific keywords. Blogs will give you more keywords on website and strengthen the ones that you are trying to rank for. Products should always have description, and most of the content should have 300+ words on the page.

Growth hackers will take your content to the next level, marketing, article spinning, showing it to social media groups, pages and users. Targeting the right groups to post your content and promote it will be key to success and fast growth. It’s also all about number, so tracking which piece of content gets the best response, it can be re-marketed to become a major piece of information on the web. It’s all about using the information that social media gives us, and optimizing campaigns according to those numbers.

  • SMS Marketing

Everyone is on the smart phone, and will be even more in 2017/18. Sending messages directly to their cellphones means that you will be doing a 100% inbox rate marketing, 100%view rate marketing, and even if t hey want to delete your text message, they still have to look at it first. This is by far the best marketing method, but hardest one as well. You really don’t know how many people are using their cell phones as their business phones, and even though trends are rising with small businesses, it’s still hard to do SMS marketing by automating it. The way I do it is simply finding a directory, list, small business listings that I get each month, and then shooting out sms to few numbers. I love getting  those: “hey man this is my personal number”, “lose this number right away”, this means I can optimize and reach them with a different number and different offer ( I usually send a test sms like hello, what’s up, how’s life etc.)

  • Fax Marketing

There is no way that anyone can refuse a fax, if they have the fax in the office, a fax line, they will receive your flyer (ad, content, message) through it. This is really great when doing B2B sales, as you can send a fax and follow up with cold calling right after, or email and calling.


  • Landing Pages

Pages made for pay per click, email or other campaigns. These pages surve one purpose, to harvest emails, names and phones, and to give you leads bast that you can call or email back. You can have as many questions as you want (although it’s always best to have few and then call them right away), so that you have the right information when calling them back and finishing up the sale. These are strategically made pages that can be edited to fit re-optimization of campaigns, and made to gather better and faster information. Some landing pages can serve for years, others will be short lived, but they are the link between the online marketing campaign and a website. They can be hosted on the website, on the landing page host, as a separate blog, and will serve to give you best possible information on the possible leads. If someone goes through the process of filling a page in, it will mean that they are interested in what you have to offer, leaving you only the closing of the sale.

  • Mailers, flyers, guerrilla marketing

Sending someone a brochure, flyer or a mailer is a great way to find new clients, especially if you can get fresh leads (which I can, all the new businesses in your area just opening up, I have their info). You can send post card to all your past customers, remind them what you can do for them, or maybe sending to all the new businesses congratulating them on the new venture.

 After the first phase of marketing channels you can use for fast growth, here are two more to consider for a long term successful growth 

  • Search Engine Optimization

or SEO as it’s known is the best way to get traffic to your website that will find you through google or other search engines (I say google becuase 70% of the people are using google as their search engine). This will take most of the time out of all other marketing options, but will produce best results if done property. There is really no alternative or a way to cheat google to get on top (there is, but they always find out and remove those websites), so this is something that requirest constant content, updates, keyword research, back links and finding the right ways to promote your pages from your website (not landing pages).


  • Virtual Assistant

go really personal, get someone to call owners, people for you, slow and steady calling campaigns or emailing, or a little bit of everything. I like to always have virtual assistant per each client so that she/he can follow the numbers, campaigns , optimize and help in where and when needed. It’s hard to imagine modern business without one, and they can become the most valuable player on any team.

3. Do it yourself

You can make a growth hacking marketing plan yourself. If you just started out, or simply want to increase your lead base you can:

Create a social media business pages (pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin)

Sign up for hootsuite to automatize your posting and post content each few days at first (then more and more as you grow your audience)

Get on the like4like groups in social media and grow your facebook page

Promote your business pages  – send your business pages to all your past clients, friends and ask them to like, share, comment on them.

Create back links – find back links that are useful for your niche, also creating google business page, yahoo small businesses page, forum posts, finding other blogs and guest blog.

Send free faxes to companies each day with your flyer on it.

Send sms messages to cell phone numbers with your link in it. Start with your friends and ask them to share it.

Send emails to your subscribers through mailchimp

Get a cloud based cold center for faster and better calling like five9

Write , write , write! Always write, each day if you can. Write and post it on your page, on social medias, find nice pictures online  Pixbay is a great place for free images, and keep on writing (articles, blogs, stories, experiences)

Monitor all the numbers, stats, new clients, see what works for you, always do more each day if possible, always get more people involved as you make more money, and never stop doing it. When you reach optimal budget you can include PPC, landing pages, SEO for even better results

4. Conclusion

Growth hacking is simply like creating a machine, and that machine works better with time, with each day passing by you get a bigger and better running engine, stronger parts (employees) and once it starts it just keeps on growing. You keep on putting more pars in it, and it keeps on working, upgrading it like you would a car.  It takes on any shape that you want it to take, and there is no growth limit. The point is always to make more money, but measurement in the back end is always : more calls, more email subscriptions, more likes, shares, social media mentions, back links, influencer connections, visitors, views, posts, content and anything that will improve visibility and your online presence.




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