Performance based marketing, sales and IT services since 2012

Who we are:

Young, smart and innovative group of freelancing professionals with proven record and experience. We offer more for less, quality over quantity and we focus only on results and ROI. Campaign optimization, re-targeting and rapid growth is what we do best. Combine that with modern servers and cloud software you get a strong marketing or sales campaign.


Multi Channel Marketing

Going “all out” on marketing means that you will get what you pay for and keep on growing each and every month. Some channels will bring leads right away, while others need time, this is a time proof strategy that keeps your business growing for a long time. 


Native US speakers

Only the finest US callers, born and raised. Professional callers with proven records and previous call center experience.

Virtual Assistant

Various campaigns, even if technologically demanding. From telemarketers to virtual assistants, CSR, IT, support, live phone and chat and more.

Full Setup

Modern progressive dialer with detailed reports and analytics. Unlimited minutes + local USA number included with all our campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads

Get on top of google and your competitors. We know how to make a campaign that brings in leads and money. CERTIFIED GOOGLE PARTNER is available for your next campaign.

Facebook Ads

We setup, run and re-target people interested in your brand, product, services, videos or anything else that you want to offer. Facebook Blueprint certified expert is waiting to start.

Instagram Ads

Pictures are not only for taking, they are for marketing as well. In 2020 more people will prefer pictures over text, and that’s only rising day by day. That’ why we give you top Instagram marketing options.


YouTube Ads

Image is easy, video is better. YouTube is the 2nd largest serach engine after Google, and that's the main reason why you should have your ads on there. With lower cost per click you get value with any YouTube campaign.

Email Creative

Email Marketing

Mass mailing from private servers with email cleaning and email lists available. We can send anywhere from 200K up to 4 million emails per month from 1 servers. Clean IP addresses, new domain, mailwhizz all included.

LinkedIn Automation

Auto connecting, auto messaging and rapid growing on largest professional network online. Linkedin is a great option for leads and sales. We also harvest emails from any new connection we create, so that your email lists keep on growing.

SEO and Writing

On Page SEO

Keyword research, optimization and on page SEO for Google's first page.

Off Page SEO

Link building, guest posting, and authority building so that your keywords get on top of search engines .

Article and Content Writing

Need a great SEO writer? We got it. Over 10K article written for real estate, insurance, health, plumbing, gaming and other industries. Articles, press releases, blogs, news and anything else that can be written.

Analytics, Reporting, Business plans

Professional tracking, Google analytics setup (data tracking), Google tags, business plans and small business marketing plan written, delivered and explained.

Web Design & Development

Website that performs

Websites are not portfolios anymore, they are supposed to bring you leads, clients, traffic and money. That's why we make websites to capture leads and grow your business.

Included with website
Update and Security

We can provide daily, weekly and monthly updates - blogs, security and support

Bookkeeping, Office Help, Document Editing

Quickbooks Online Certified, Microsoft Office Pro, Google Suite Pro


Digital Marketing Freelancers and MORE

We've done a lot more. Virtual and augmentative reality, mobile apps, programming, data processing, dispatching, education, NGO. For any other inqury, outsourcing and even manufacturing, feel free to give us a call.


About us

Expert freelancing team with over 12 years of freelancing experience. Most of us are a US citizens abroad

Our mission

To help your business grow and bring in money or professionalism that is much needed. We offer quality solutions that are performance based and result driven. We are digital marketing freelancers with experience.