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LinkedIn outreach

Manual + automatic = the only way to grow your LinkedIn in 2021 and beyond

Automating LinkedIn is great, and although it used to work like a charm, now it can ban your profile if you don’t do it right. We make sure to mix advanced virtual technology with a real person and aggressively grow your profile while keeping it 100% safe and block-proof. We will constantly grow your profile, lead base, and traffic through your personal LinkedIn profile. 

More engagement, easier and natural growth, more views and traffic to your linkedin page and your website

LinkedIn profile and company page help you network, prospect, and grow your reputation online. It’s probably the best B2B outreach tool if you are active and use it to network with the right people. We will make sure to make your profile profitable and establish a professional public image on a global scale as a reputable and trustworthy individual (or a company).

Although Linkedin had a reputation as a job hunting or recruiting website, in 2020 it was the #1 website for professional connect, outreach, and sales tool. This is your door to all the decision-makers and their inboxes. This is a way for you to tell them what you can offer to them and their business. This is where we put you on the map, on the spot, and inside their door.

With our programmed tools, LinkedIn navigator, social media marketing expert you will be set for long-term social media growth and lead generation. All-natural, safe and organic. 


What's needed?

LinkedIn Profile

If you have your own LinkedIn profile with at least 200 connections, we can make the magic happen. If you don’t, we can probably find you one with 500+ connections (depending on availability) and grow your lead base daily. 

We prefer working with your own profiles due to better marketing and faster results. Profiles with 500+ and 1+ year are the ideal receipt for success.

Target / Prospect description

If you have specific people that you want to send your message to, connect with and get leads, sales and traffic from, we need you to tell us that. We need a detailed description of your ideal customer/ client so that we can create the best marketing channel on Linkedin to produce leads. 


Outreach message, follow up sequence

LinkedIn is all about personal connections, and that’s why we need a personal message that you would like to send to your prospects. If you are not sure, or just don’t want to bother with it, we have a plan where we create it all, send you for approval and then send a campaign. 



LinkedIn Outreach

Lead generation and automation
  • Optimizing profile
  • Manually growing connections
  • Advanced targeting
  • Manual message outreach
  • Constant weekly growth

LinkedIn Super Marketing

Everything from outreach + more
  • All from basic +
  • LinkedIn premium
  • Detailed targeting and list saving
  • Writing and sending message sequences
  • List exporting and email marketing

Linkedin outreach

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