Telemarketing, Virtual Assisting


Native Speaker

Professional telemarketer, lead generation and virtual assisting services

Our team consists of cold calling specialists with over 5 years of experience in telemarketing, virtual assisting, and IT support. 
Fluent in English, Spanish, and some fully bilingual without any accent in either language. 
Determined, professional, punctual callers that will bring leads, sales, or appointments. 

Experience, meeting sale goals, reports

Our telemarketing service provides top-notch customer service, effective call handling techniques, call recordings, cold calling notes, insights, and recommendations.

Current and past campaigns: 

  • Tech Support 
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Insurance
  • Solar Project 
  • Healthcare Providers 
  • Information Technology Firms
  • CBD Manufacturers 
  • Cleaning Services
  • Software Development Companies
  • Internet Marketing Agencies
  • Home Security

What's needed

Short training and a script

You know your business and your industry, so that’s why we need your input on what works the best. We can always play by the ear, create our own script, but it’s always better if you are part of the marketing/ telemarketing, at least for the first few calls.

Call back number and a business name

A number that your clients see when there is an incoming call. We can set one up if you don’t want to use your number inside of the online dialer. 

Numbers (data)

Phone numbers, data, names, business names are things we prefer to have on a file that we will be calling from. If you don’t have data, we can provide it.



Test Campaign

  • Dialer
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Local Number
  • Native Telemarketer
  • 10 Hours Total

Part Time

  • All from starter +
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Any Shift
  • 20 Hours/ Week

Full Time

  • All from P/T +
  • Landing Pages
  • Multi Line Dialer
  • Live Transfer, Reports
  • 40 Hours/ Week

Telemarketing, Virtual Assisting, Tech Support

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