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Need to send a lot of emails fast?

Email marketing is all about getting your message across. The faster you send that message, the more traffic, sales or lead you can get. In the world of email marketing speed is everything, so to make that possible we have developed a new VPS server that can handle a high amount of email sending per month. 

Bulk email sending servers or a private server for mass sending is a new way to discover the new marketing channel that can do wonders for yourself or your business.  

Bulk server with MailWizz

Easy to use platform that makes email sending a breeze. Upload your lists, create a campaign, and schedule at the right time. You can use a template builder or create your own HTML template. Send right away or schedule your campaign for any day or specific hour. 

Great open rate with cold emailing

Ready to go email server with everything needed to upload the list and start sending. You won’t need anything else besides our server for bulk emailing. Open rates can range anywhere from 2%-30% depending on the source of your email lists (we are ok with purchased lists) and your email content (subject line, text)


What's needed?


You need to start by uploading your email list, creating a campaign, and schedule when you want to send it. Email lists can be from anywhere, just as long as they are under a 2, 3% bounce rate.  Create a campaign using a template, flyer, or HTML flyer that you can easily upload in our sending system. After that, you select a date and an hour when you want your campaign to go out, and you are good to go.

If you prefer us taking care of all of it, we also offer full support for email list cleaning, uploads, HTML flyer creation, email sending, and reports. 


We do not allow sending adult, gambling, spam, or otherwise, anything that’s not a promotional email for yourself or your business. Anything that’s illegal by the email sending standards or by the law, is also illegal by us. Please keep your campaigns spam-free, with no scam sign-ups or money scams, and you will grow your business easily. 

Email list

You need to provide a clean email list that is under a 3% bounce rate. If you are not sure whether your email list is clean, just send us and we’ll check for you. If you get a plan where we clean your email lists, you won’t have to worry about list management and bounce rates. 

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