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Eccomerce stores can benefit from SEO optimization as much as any website, and with ads included, you can get your brand to maximize its sales and increase its conversion rates. Your competitors aren't better, they are just using the advantage of the Shopify platform by having an optimized store and pay per click ads. 


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At Your Personal Workforce, we put our client needs on the highest priority list. Our experienced team analyses your competitors and your store and creates a tailored campaign specifically for your rapid growth. We don't copy-paste from other clients or competitors do, we utilize cloud-based tools and paid services to bring the best ROI from your budget. With our affordable services, we depend on your constant growth. 

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Shopify PPC Campaign Management

Running a successful store means high sales, and that's the only goal that there is. We don't create campaigns that get views, we optimize ads to convert and get more shoppers to click on buy and pay for the item.  There are multiple types of ads that we run depending on your store and where your buyers are. 

-Google ads
-YouTube ads
-Facebook ads
-Instagram ads
-Pinterest ads
-TikTok ads

Well-optimized ads can help your brand grow, increase your sales, your regular product placement (SEO), and give your brand a long-term benefit on the Shopify platform. Not running  PPC campaigns is giving your competitors an advantage and your potential customers. 


Shopify is a great way to present your products directly to your customers on search engines and social media.  Average ad click costs anywhere from   $0.02- $3. Of course, it depends on your product and competition, as well as our optimization. 


Explosive Growth

Shopify PPC Ads are very effective and are highly converting. The reason is simple, we are targeting shoppers with intent to purchase, making their choices easier by displaying your product at the right time. 

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Cost really depends on many factors. How many products do you have, is your store optimized, have you done any ads yourself, what is your ads budget and few other questions that we would ask you  during the meeting. 


Please schedule a meeting with us below, or on our contact page, and after the initial meeting where we determine if we are a good match for each other, we send a pricing proposal and details about the ad campaign that we can do for you. 

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Shopify PPC campaign management – Campaign creation, Campaign optimization, Strategy & Reporting
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