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B2B Sales

What is B2B telemarketing?

Business to business (B2B) telemarketing is when you try to sell your services to other businesses via direct sale on the phone. This means that you need to be a very direct, outspoken, good salesman to get through to the gatekeeper or when speaking to the decision-maker directly. When a company calls another company to market or sell its products or services and make a report, they mainly participate in B2B telemarketing.

This is legal, ethical (if done correctly) and a strong way of promoting yourself to other businesses.

Our B2B telemarketing case studies showed that the best options are to design a campaign with your range of services and raise brand awareness and explore new solutions and opportunities through direct discussions with potential customers.

How do we assist and how you can outsource B2B telemarketing?

The best way to do anything for any company is to give the campaign to professional telemarketers with prior calling experience. This way you are sure that the gatekeepers won’t be a problem, they will talk to decision-makers and they won’t waste your time.

Match that with a fast dialer, CRM and you have a growing database of leads that you can always turn to when you need to increase your sales or even your lead base. After all, your clients can bring you more referrals if you (your telemarketer) ask for it.

Outsourcing telemarketing means that you will minimize the cost and get more without having to build in house call center or calling stations.

What we generally offer to clients that outsource sales campaigns to us:

  • Fast dialing solution that improves overall outreach to potential clients
  • Laser-targeting to reach decision-makers
  • A local number so that your clients can see that you are in the area
  • Native speaking caller (or bilingual) with at least 5 years of telemarketing experience
  • Pre-qualify the lead or close the sale if and when needed
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Benefits of B2B telemarketing solutions

B2B telemarketing is a proven marketing strategy. Many businesses can confidently say that this is the prime source of their lead generation. 

Some of the advantages in doing B2B telemarketing:

1.    There is an equal balance of professionalism and time management

Hiring a B2B telemarketing campaign expert allows business owners and their employees to take a load off their shoulders and concentrate on the main tasks. This allows for the establishment of a sales team that will provide only the necessary information that is required by yourself or your employees that will handle the lead intake. If you wish to pre-qualify the leads or get the warm leads only, even better, you can focus on the main clients while telemarketers work the rest and transfer you only the hot leads.

2.    Telemarketing service providers train their own employees.

Training costs will be deducted from the company’s time and money. Telemarketing firms handle their own staff training costs, dialer cost, CRM integration, lead generation and knowledge of getting through to the right person.  

3.    Client retention is extremely high.

Professional telemarketers excel not only at generating new business opportunities but also at retaining prospects and existing customers. They can keep them informed by providing them with updated information about the company’s products and services.

Gathering new opportunities is still a great idea to pursue, but it must also ensure that existing clients are satisfied and always reached out to. This way you keep your base strong and can expand when needed.

Final words:

It doesn’t matter you need B2B telemarketing for a short outreach campaign or ongoing lead generation campaign, it’s always best to hire telemarketers that can provide you results that you desire. Stay patient, take your time to train, be helpful and give the campaign some time, and it will always bring you more than what you invested in it.

B2B telemarketing still works, and it will work for a long time ahead. Without telemarketing, you are losing an edge that your competitors are surely utilizing. It’s always smart to include telemarketing as your multi-marketing channel and have it run simultaneously with email or digital marketing, to both complement each other, and also get you more leads.