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LinkedIn Automation

We have been offering LinkedIn automation and growth services at for over 10 years. which allows us to explain and give tips on what LinkedIn automation can do for you and your business.  Automation allows more lead generation on LinkedIn profile, business page and improves response rate on your outreach campaigns. 

What is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn automation refers to using tools to send out connection requests, direct messages, follow-up messages, and any other activity on the platform that you already have to do manually. Targeting high-end executives, decision-makers and people that you prequalify as a lead for your business. 

Simply said, LinkedIn automation takes place through a range of programmed professional tools which we use safely for profile development, traffic generation, and leads. Pair that with an expert that knows how to grow your profile safely, and you get an amazing marketing tool that brings leads and sales. This works the best in B2B settings and outreach.

Why automate?

The incredible thing is that LinkedIn Automation solves many lead generation problems by being a highly targeted tool to end up in the inbox of a lead or a decision-maker directly. 

It makes it possible for business owners, sales professionals, and marketers to be active on LinkedIn without having to spend most of their time on the platform. 

Building your lists, auto visiting profiles, auto endorsing, and sending your first outreach message can all be automated.  These tasks can all be completed without taking extra time out of your busy schedule. You can save up to 85% of your time by automating tasks, allowing you to get right to the personalized engagement piece. 

Your only job is to concentrate on the leads that respond to the outreach, which in turn gives higher conversion rates. 

Better conversion rates and less time spent on marketing, who wouldn’t want that?

That’s why your personal workforce has a great LinkedIn automation team that does everything for you with case studies to prove our results. 

How is LinkedIn Automation used?

Before you start LinkedIn Automation, it is essential to understand which LinkedIn Automation tools are available for your profile and determine if they will work for you.

Although many features are available, it’s important to understand that your profile needs to be considered organic and stay in the safe zone when doing a marketing campaign directly on a social media platform such as LinkedIn.  Below we have highlighted the below most popular and widely used features that we implement when automating LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Profiles View and Tagging 

It’s only human nature that we’re intrigued about who looks at our LinkedIn profile, right? When you see a profile of someone else, you can see that it has been done, which sparks curiosity about why you can look at their profile leading them back to your profile. 

Once they show interest they will either end up on your business page or a website. Optimizing your profile accordingly to your goals is strongly recommended. 

  1. Custom connection requests to targeted individuals

By automating your connection requests, you save time and keep on growing your network with potential leads. LinkedIn can handle a large amount of new connections (up to 30,000) and this can be used to your advantage to build a strong leads list.  Some might argue this process shouldn’t be automated as the messages look too generic, but software that we use can personalize each and every message making it unique.  

You will find that you will achieve higher connection rates than via non-personalized automation, and your network will keep on growing for as long as you are sending connection requests.  The bigger your network is, the more likely is that you will generate leads from posts and content sharing. 

  1. Custom messages to your first-degree connections.

To save time and reach more of your audience, use LinkedIn Automation to message your first-degree connections, which is the most targeted outreach available. Imagine sending a message directly to your lead with the service that you offer, that’s how powerful this method is. It’s like sitting in front of a CEO and pitching your product to him directly. 

  1. Target existing LinkedIn contact 

You can automatically send messages to your existing connections and target them with the appropriate content, updates and offers.

  1. Download your data from LinkedIn 

With modern tools we can download any data off of LinkedIn and use it in any other campaign (telemarketing, email, SMS). This way LinkedIn gives you more options than just to be on it and more marketing channels. 

  1. Build your database for email.

Email marketing is one of the best ROI marketing options, and utilizing LinkedIn to grow your email lists is another amazing feature of using software and automation to build that list. All of the emails are valid and safe to use, after all you have them in your connections and can always mention that in your email campaign. 

LinkedIn Automation's benefits

  1. Less time on the platform
  2. The automated lead generation process
  3. More return on your investment 
  4. Direct messaging to business owners and decision-makers
  5. You can target anyone locally or nationally
  6. No need for LinkedIn Navigator (although it does help if you have it)
  7. More affordable options than other marketing channels